Our Team

Here at PSG, we have six members of the team, each of who bring something different and unique to the table.

Amber can usually be found being tormented at Thorpe Park. When she isn’t there (Which is usually only during closed season) she can usually be found jumping at bushes, flapping her arms at people in escape rooms or just generally being a bit ditzy.

Dan is 1 part of our gay scary couple. He is known for many acting roles but his most famous role is The Dark Reverend Bloodhusk at Xtreme Scream Park. When he isn’t scaring the shit out of people he can usually be found visiting theme parks or cuddling up with his fella Dane.

Dane originally only joined the team because he would feature in posts with his husband to be Dan, but Dane has carved his on path since he joined the teamed. He’s taken on some big challenges for us and is fully embracing our LGBT side.

Dom is the guy who created PSG and can usually be found behind the scenes getting social media, reviews and blog posts sorted. He has never scare acted, so has a perspective on scare attractions that is different from other reviewers. He is our glittery camp theme park guy too, so can usually be found at one of them waving his jazz hands.

Owen does enjoy a fright, but he much prefers to have a ride, especially on some great coasters, which is why he’s joined the family in more of a theme park orientated role as opposed to a scare role though he will probably also take up the reviewer mantel at some point. He follows a lot of theme park construction so is always clued in about what is happening.

Pagan is another one of our scare experts. She has acted in many different places, most recently at Alton Towers and Scream Camp. She loves to visit scare attractions too, so is usually seen driving Dan while poking him in the face. She’s recently been introduced to the more immersive stuff by Dan and Amber and has fully embraced it!