Scaryvision, What’s that?

Yesterday as part of our birthday celebration we announced that Scaryvision would be returning on Thursday. But for those who don’t know what our Scaryvision is I thought I would put together this little blog post to try and explain it.

How it started

I’m a huge Eurovision fan. I love the camp-ness of it and how it brings Europe (and weirdly Australia) together for a week of music and competition. I wanted to use the idea of bringing things together in a friendly competition. It was originally going to be based on theme parks, but as I started to developed the idea, it started to dawn on me that there just wasn’t enough theme parks to make it a big thing, so I switched the thought process from theme parks to scare attractions and was able to make it work.

What is it

As I mentioned above, it’s a friendly competition on our Facebook page that celebrates the scare industry. As a team we decide on the categories and who will be in each category. It’s usually location based with 6 attractions/events in each one. The public then get to vote using the Facebook reactions for who they like. The winner of each category move on to the semi final and then the vote is redone and the top 3 from each semi move on to the final. It usually lasts for about 2/3 weeks. The event used to run in time with the Eurovision semi finals and final but with dates constantly changing of the event, it clashes with a different scare awards so we moved it last year to April and will continue to be in April from now on.

Why we still do it

This will be our fourth year of it with precious winners being Scare Kingdom, Broadwitch Hauntfest and last years winner, Cursed. The event is meant as a bit of fun and a way to encourage interaction from events and who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition. There is no prize except bragging rights. We still do it because it’s just such a laugh and it’s amazing to see events getting involved in it.

So yeah, that’s Scaryvision. It will be starting on Thursday 8th April over on our Facebook page, so go give us a like on there to be able to take part in the fun!

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