Redemption Room Review

Redemption Room is the latest immersive experience by Secret Theatres. They have been running events since 2008 where they started with a production of Edward Scissorhands. Over the space of 13 years they have created experiences and events all over the world including New York, London, Hong Kong and LA. The pandemic has made them think outside the box as such and go online and this is something that has been created because of the pandemic.

Redemption Room is an online, immersive experience where you judge six disgraced celebrities who seek redemption for different reasons. The experience takes place on Zoom and last for about an hour. Over this period of time the 6 ‘celebrities’ (Who are from all over the world) will all try to seek redemption from the audience. In that time you will be judge and jury and your actions could push these celebrities to the edge with their fears to redeem themselves. But the proceedings are hijacked by an evil presence that will cause things to take a thrilling twist.

Before the main event happens you are able to communicate via email with the 6 ‘celebrities’. I reached out to all of them but only got replies from two, Wendy who is is from Hong Kong and Addison from New York. The email exchange is short and sweet but you get a sense of what they are like. Obviously anything can happen in actual show but I like Wendy as she seems truly sorry for what she’s done and replyed so nice to all my questions and seems a lovely and isn’t arrogant and generally regrets what she’s done and caused. Addison I’m not 100% on. Her reply was quite assertive and thought I was interrogating her with the questions and does not seem to understand the whole issue with what she has done. She thinks that because of all the questions I should back her because she’s explained herself to me. I guess we shall see.

So Saturday evening came and it was time to sit down with the lights dimmed in my car to watch and take part in the live segment of this experience. It lasts about an hour. Our host for the night was Rex Shakespeare, an energetic but sinister character who kept you on the edge of your seat as he interrogated each of the ‘celebrities’. Obviously I won’t go into too much detail about the live experience itself as we want to remain spoiler free about this event for those who will be taking part. What I will say is that this live part happened via Zoom and had a lot of interactive elements. The experience starts of with a calm tone but then all of a sudden it gets incredibly tense and terrifying.

I loved the interaction in the show. It had me on edge about everything I got involved with. Every single actor adds to the intensity of the experience and each character is very well thought out and acted. They also got you very engaged and involved and this enhanced the experience. Obviously the current situation gets mentioned but because of the mention it makes the experience feel more realistic and that your decisions have consequences. Its a very clever and believable story that will suck you right in,. I do have negative, I won’t lie. The show uses many interactive elements including a chat that everyone (And we mean everyone) can use whilst in the experience. Whilst its not a bad thing, it did distract and even became rather annoying due to the other people in the experience. This chat box does slightly detract from the immersion slightly. It can be ignored but we thought it was just best to mention it.

Overall the show was fantastic. I absolutely loved it and it was such great fun. Everyone involved in bringing Redemption Room to life should be really proud of what they have created. The actors are amazing and that mixed with the effects and sometimes disturbing scene really brought the experience to life, even if it was on Zoom.

For more information and to buy tickets you can visit their website

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