Dane – A Year At PSG

Dane joined the team back in February 2020 and as a way of celebrating it, Dom sat down with Dane to have a little catch up of his first year at PSG.

Hi Dane. I can’t believe it’s been a year since you joined the PSG family. How have you found it since you joined our crazy family?

Since the surprise of me not knowing I was going to be part of it, I’ve enjoyed it every minute of it. I’ve been to events where I’ve not gone to before. I wouldn’t say it’s a crazy family I would actually say it’s a lovable family.

Aww bless you. So I’m going to start right back at the beginning with this. Your first review for us was Darkfield’s Flight. What was it like going there knowing you’d be reviewing it?

Not going to lie, I was nervous as hell. I had never written a review before, not knowing what to say etc, but I did it and after doing the first review, I was excited to do the next review. Not knowing what Darkfield was at first until Dan told me a little bit about them, I was like, you know what, I can do this. This will be epic.

And since then you’ve written a few reviews and blog posts for us! You said earlier that you got to do things you’d never done before. Is there a particular standout moment?

I have written a few reviews and blog post and I’ve enjoyed writing everyone of themas they take my mind of things. Well I have got a few that standout for me. First one it will have to be Scare Kingdom for knowing that no one knows me there, it was a shock that everyone knew who I was, with the pandemic last year they did absolutely fantastic, that they should be proud of. 2 it has to be Alton Towers Scarefest. I’ve been there a few times but never had the right experience due to past circumstances, going there last year with a great group allowing me to have the best experience there. Freakshow Toxic Junkyard just blew me away.

Alton Towers was so much fun and we had a right laugh. But I’m guessing those are just your scare stand out moments due to you getting engaged to Dan.

Alton Towers will always have a place in our heart. Just seeing Dan’s face, not knowing what’s happening when we arrived was a moment to remember. For Alton to put in this much effort to help the dreams come true was fantastic. For them to let us do it in front of Wicker Man was out of this world.

Shall we move onto your first Halloween season with us. Did you have any preconceived ideas of what the month would entail or were you just going with it?

Psychomanteum was a shock but Dan assured me that it’s not usually that visual and serious. Psychomanteum Scared Stiff was very full on and very raw. We was going to do a few event last year but due to them being cancelled we couldn’t. We then started to act at Notts Maze.

How did that come about?

So we went through the show twice and afterwards we started to speak to the manager, Dan was talking to him about his previous scare acting, I was telling them about my horror Drag. We asked him if he needs any help (he said yes)and he invited us to act in there next show. We are proud to say we will be acting there again a second year for this year’s Halloween season.

Obviously excluding Notts Maze acting this year, what else do you want to do this year?

We want to do a few events this year but it just depends on how things plan out. But if things do go ahead, wouldn’t mind doing Scare Kingdom and Screamfest Burton. We would also love to do Scream Factory, Psycho Path, Dr Frights and Horror at Hinchingbrooke House. Obviously we will be doing Scarefest at Alton Towers and it would be nice to try and meet the Cursed gang. The list is endless.

Its been an interesting year that’s for sure but we are all staying as optimistic as Dane in hoping that we can all get back to normality and have a great scare season. Thanks Dane for taking the time out for this little chat.

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