Room Escape Southend – Lost In Space Review

It feels like this is becoming a weekly occurrence but last night we were back at Room Escape Southend to do another one of their virtual rooms, this time being Lost In Space. How did we do? I guess you will have to read on to find out. 

Our host, Floyd, was awesome. He guided us around the room and he gave us a couple of nudges when we got really stuck. It would appear we didn’t have our game heads on last night. The room is really cool. It genuinely feels like you’re on a space ship even over the zoom. There is a wide range of puzzles on this room. They room uses both an avatar and our own computer to solve the puzzles, so ideally needs to be played on a computer with a cam but I used my laptop and my phone for zoom. 

The puzzles in the room are a good mix of easy and challenging with some even being so obvious that you won’t think of it. The use of electronics and sounds help elevate this room into a really fun interactive experience even when you aren’t physically there. The puzzles all have a reason for being there and none of them feel like you’re doing it for the sake of doing it. 

This review is short and sweet today as going into any more detail would ruin the room. But that being said, you can book their rooms at their website and tickets are £35 for up to an hour experience. But the question remains, did we escape? Yes we managed to escape with 18:32 left on the clock. Thanks to Floyd at Room Escape Southend for being our host/avatar and we can’t wait to do our next room with you guys!

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