The Last Retreat

Scream Camp is a name well known in the industry which started back in 2019 with Scream Camp at Higher Counthill Farm, The SCAR award-winning 10-hour horror camping experience which challenged guests to survive the night and was met with critical acclaim.

Scream Camp was then followed by the limited ticket, more intense immersive theatrical show “Scream Camp Unleashed – The Ritual” which took the story of the infamous Farle Family from the previous event and thrust 15 guests at a time into a 4-hour show of expecting the unexpected and culminating into a ferocious finale that still sits with me to this day.

“cat and mouse games that quickly spiral into torture and brutal scenes culminating in the biggest plot twists of the story.”

Next inline for the Scream Camp team was a new show for 2020 and the world of Covid and social distancing, I am of course talking about the overnight horror powerhouse for just 2 guests at a time, The Retreat, which we were lucky enough to experience early in its creation. Little did we know however a 4th instalment of the Scream Camp teams genius was also on the way in collaboration with Dean of the Dead Productions and Scare Track, This time in found footage form The Last Retreat.

The Last Retreat premise is very simple as the found footage genre usually is, the movie itself is far from simple with red herrings and misdirection, Genuinely disturbing and unsettling scenes, Realistic dialogue which sets the narrative of each of the characters perfectly, the staple of the horror genre the good old fashioned jump scare and the cherry on top which comes with all Scream Camp shows being a mountain of atmosphere to bring you right into the story itself. Much like being a guest in The Retreat, we can say with honesty that it took us back to a few scenes.

Taking from the setting of The Retreat show, The Last Retreat opens with Sarah’s disappearance after a walk home from a hospital shift (Played by Emma Jaura) and follows a group of 4 friends (Harrison-Darren-Rose and Claire-Calum Becket-Mikey Stuart-Frankie Yates and Pagan Hollis) as they journey by taxi to the infamous cabin location. After a few drinks and some seemingly innocent party drinking games, tempers flair and cracks start to show in the group resulting in Claire going missing. The group trying to remain composed whilst also dealing with the heavily pregnant Rose. What follows with minimal spoilers is hours of torment and cat and mouse games that quickly spiral into torture and brutal scenes culminating in the biggest plot twists of the story. What once started as a calm weekend getaway turns into a psychological nightmare where no place is safe and eyes are watching at all times.

We will say if you are reading this and you have yet to experience The Retreat show we think it would be wise to not watch the movie as this may hinder your experience, being that the movie follows very closely to The Retreat storyline and as we wrote in our review of The Retreat it is best experienced blind. One thing we can end with however is that the entire cast “Not all mentioned here but all congratulated equally” has created a product to be exceptionally proud of from prop design to acting quality, All have bought this movie together to create a shining beacon of what the scare industry can produce even outside there usual haunting grounds.

Rest assured we will be watching again and if you’re not booked for The Retreat we implore you to watch too. The Last Retreat can be purchased or rented at this location and can be streamed via AppleTV, Roku or Chromecast streaming services.

Until next time PSG Signing out.

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