Interview with RideSims 2

During the past year, the pandemic has put a huge strain on all forms of life and if you are a theme park enthusiast the changes have been felt. But where parks are closed other forms of theme park entertainment can be found. One of these sources being

RideSims has been around for a little while now and gives the player the controls of working on some of the worlds best-loved rides from the perspective of an operator. Be it the recently released Thorpe Park Official Stealth sim, Disneyland Paris Space Mountain Mission II or even Alton Towers sadly removed Ripsaw which as of 26/01/2021 our very own Dan aka Ripsaw1997 holds the highest score 1,549,192. But scores aside each sim contains set challenges relating to that one ride. Apocalypse at Drayton Manor, for instance, might ask you to manual drop so many cars or you may have to dispatch so many full cars on Efteling’s Baron 1898. Each of the sims has been faithfully detailed and stylised to each ride, a full list of these will be at the bottom of the page. And RideSims has generously given up some of their time for a Q&A. Also before we start if you want to support RideSims they are on Patreon too with several tier options available.

Q1. Thankyou for joining us for this interview, Can you tell us a bit about how RideSims started?

Ride Sims first launched in January 2012, however our simulations did not begin on the Ride Sims platform. Our first simulations were all focused on Alton Towers Resort on a fan site called At the time our team were still in school and learning coding and graphic design with a keen interest in theme park rides. Over time it became apparent that these smaller simulations were quite popular and our developer team began to build simulations of rides from around the world, this lead the way to the creation of Ride Sims a home for all simulations not just 1 park.

Q2. What was the very first sim that was developed for RideSims?

The first sim ever created for Ride Sims was Steeple Chase from Blackpool Pleasure Beach! At the time his was quite a complex simulation with the operation of 3 stations and as you can see very different in the stylization. However much of what you see has not changed over time in terms of how the simulations operate.

Q3. All the sims have so much work put into the design, on average how long does it take from design to release for a new sim to be added to the list?

It really varies. We’ve made some simulations like Untamed in 3 full working days! However that is quite a relentless task. However we aim to have a working simulation done within 1 week. Some obviously take a bit longer when they are much more complex such as Rides like Sky Scream which uses real physics.

We definitely plan to have 1 classic to return in the future

Q4. Does the RideSims team have a favourite of the sims?

We shouldn’t as each has so much care and attention that goes into them, however we do have a top 3 that are our go to sims. Space Mountain Mission 2, Tower of Terror and Dinosaur!

Q5. All the sims have set objectives you can opt to try and achieve, Which objectives would you say are the hardest to complete?

We’ve tried to make these a bit more achievable. The hardest ones are usually the ones where you have to complete an objective within 1 operating session, rather than an accumulative count. Although there is 1 in specific pulling 5G on Ripsaw that is quite challenging!

Q6. We imagine the team get daily requests for certain rides, Is there any ride that’s not out as of yet that has been requested the most?

There is! FLYER is a an interpretation of FLY which will be going into BETA for the month of February which has been requested a lot!

Q7. Remembering back to RideSims 1 which featured The Swarm, Saw The Ride, Storm Force 10 and even Dan’s personal favourite Nemesis: Sub Terra. Can you say if we can expect any more classics to return to RideSims2?

We definitely plan to have 1 classic to return in the future but we’re keeping that one under wraps for now.

Q8. With so many sims under your belt are there any rides that have been designated to be a sim yet were too complicated to become a reality?

We create simulations based on what we are interested in. This is a hobby after all and normally if we want to make it.. we make it happen. So far we have been able to develop every ride we’ve wanted too. Whilst some have been more challenging than others. We’re keen to one day create a Madhouse simulation that you can control the rotation however we have not yet quite worked out the best game play for this.

Q9. There has been a recent inbound of Official sims, From Holiday Park with Expedition GeForce and the brand NEW Sky Scream, Walibi Hollands RMC Untamed and of course the aforementioned Stealth at Thorpe Park. Can we expect any Officials coming from Alton Towers or any other UK park in the future? We think Nemesis or Hex would be a great shout! Hypothetically of course.

We can’t say when or who will get the next official simulation we hope in the future there will definitely be some more to come as Ride Sims has more exposure.

10. And finally what can we expect from the future of Ride Sims, You have of course recently bought RS2 *certain sims applying* to mobile devices and touch screen, Is there anything you can tell us or hint to what future sims we might see?

We plan to release a minimum of 12 new simulations in 2021 and we are already on track to beating that this year with the release of 3 simulations in January alone. We plan to update some of the existing simulations to touch screen to allow for mobile and tablet game play.

Thank you for giving up your time to chat with us, It has been an honour to chat with your team and a huge thank you to RideSims for keeping us entertained not just throughout the past years but through the pandemic too. PSG Signing Out.

Full Sim List as of 07/02/2021

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