Room Escape Southend – Red Review

On Tuesday night myself and Amber (along with ash and Steven from Scare Directory) teamed up to experience Red, the new virtual escape room from Room Escape Southend. I’m going to be honest, we went into this with a mission. ScareTour recently set the record on the room by escaping in about half an hour or so and we wanted to beat them. Did we do it, we will let you know at the end of this review.

Virtual escape rooms have become a thing because of all lockdowns and Room Escape Southend really use this to their advantage, especially with one of their puzzles. The room itself is simply themed but you get the impression you are trapped in a cabin, which is what the story of the room essentially is. The use of an inventory system also helps to spread out the clues well as you will have people looking at that whilst people control the avatar in the room (We had Wayne who made a hilarious joke at Ambers expense when she went dead quiet for a good 5 minutes). 

The room is quite lock heavy which works for the room but also meant we kept muddling up codes and retrying codes we had already tried, but the locks were all different types of locks, we just sucked at getting ourselves organised quick enough. It became clear that our group had become rusty at this when it took us a good 4ish minutes to work out the first padlock code. The different style of puzzles used in the room worked very well and some were even challenging and required some thought but not to the point of needing clues. 

Overall the room was great fun and works so well as a complete package with the inventory system, avatar, puzzles. It was just a fun way to spend an evening. But the question remains, did we beat ScareTour? They escaped with roughly 30 mins left on the clock. Our group escaped with 28 minutes 50 seconds left on the clock. It was so close. I do want to point out that we had less people though 👀😂

Thank you to Room Escape Southend for hosting us and we can’t wait to come back and do the rooms in person when we can! 

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