Shipwreck Cove – Memphis Escape Rooms Review

One positive to come from all these lockdowns is the ability to experience escape rooms from all over the world, and last night I did just that when I headed to Memphis Escape Rooms to experience Shipwreck Cove, their pirate themed escape room. The host who met us on our Zoom chat was so lovely but I can’t for the life of me remember her name, i’m so sorry about that. She was such a great avatar and explained things to us in a descriptive way without giving anything away. She really was the perfect host. Obviously with the time difference, we had to experience the room quite late (9pm) UK time which was 3pm their time.

Image Credit: Memphis Escape Rooms Facebook Page

The room itself looked stunning. Some of the highest quality themeing i’ve ever seen in an escape room. It really made me wish I was there playing it in person as it was pretty epic to see. From the boat to the jungle, it just all looked so good. The puzzles themselves were a great mix of difficulty. Having done quite a few escape rooms, it was probaby easier for our group than say a group that hadn’t done one before, but I think its the perfect room for anyone. I think one of my favourite puzzles was the simple projection mapped pond. It was such a simple puzzle but it was quite beautiful.

Overall Memphis Escape Rooms have created a beautiful room with stunning themeing and some really great themed puzzles. We did manage to escape too and I think we had 18 minutes left on the clock too, which is awesome. Thank you to the team at Memphis Escape room and if you want to play their rooms than head to their website ——>

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