2020: What Sort Of Year Was That!

2020 has been, let’s face it, a shite year. We’ve spent most of it indoors and when we were allowed out in the sunlight we had to stay 2 metres apart and wear masks, but despite all the shit the year threw at everyone, when we actually think about it, it wasn’t actually as bad as we think. 

The year started with a visit to Southend On Sea for a visit to Room Escape Southend to do two of their rooms, The Catacombs and The Forgotten Tomb. We failed at the latter but The Catacombs we escaped. It was the spooky start to the year we needed and we had hoped we’d back later in the year to experience their other rooms when they opened. We also popped along two the quaint mini golf that is Caddies where we whacked some balls and drank delicIous cocktails. It was the perfect weekend of fun and frights. But Caddies weren’t the only mini golf course we experienced as we also popped along to Mr Mulligans in Bournemouth for an evening on comic and sci fi inspired ball whacking.

February arrived and so did the first (and  only) out of season scares of the year! Scream Factory’s My Bloody Valentine event was the perfect way to start this little speck of scares at the beginning of the year. It was the perfect blend of terror, humour and Valentine’s. After that we headed to the ever fabulously terrifying Scare Kingdom for their Valenterror event. This delectable devilish event is always a fun and scary way to spend an evening, especially when you add it the likes of ScareTrack and Scare Directory. A trip up north wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Blackpool and whilst Pleasure Beach was open we didn’t go as this was a weekend of frights. We did however visit The Blackpool Tower Dungeon and Pasaje Del Terror. While Amber was in Blackpool living her best scare life, our fabulously dark couple Dan and Dane visited the incredibly immersive world of Darkfield for what would be Danes first review for PSG for Flight. The month also saw our very own horror queen Pagan head to Nottingham to experience Cave Escape where in the cave system underneath she faced the room Carfax. 

March arrived and it started with Dom heading into London to experience the fully immersive throwback experience that is The Crystal Maze live. It was everything you’d expect and want from the crowdfunded experience and our team managed to get a whopping 9 crystals. Meanwhile Amber headed to West Bromwich for the first of her two Zombie Infection experiences of the month The Courthouse where she was terrorised by hoard. The weekend after Dom and Amber headed for Bristol where they found themselves kidnapped and locked in a cell by the notorious Pig Face in Hell in a Cell. Dom then choo choo’d his way over to Chessington World of Adventures for annual pass day while Amber headed for her second Zombie Infection event, this time in the quaint Somerset town of Shepton Mallet for The Workshop. A week later Lockdown 1 happened.

Due to the Lockdown, we didn’t really do much in April and May. We put out a couple of blog posts, played some amazing virtual escape rooms and April was our annual Scary-Vision Facebook event. After two weeks of a fuck ton of reaction voting Cursed was crowned our winner joining Scare Kingdom and Braodwitch Hauntfest. May came and we had our first gander at the strange goings on in Pondermere when we did Electric Goldfish’s week long online immersive experience The Pandora Network.

Along came June shouting “We’re Here, We’re Queer” as Pride month enveloped us with an array of colours and beautiful things. We posted blog posts releating to the LGBTQIA+ community including an interview with the lovely guys at Room Escape Southend as well as a blog about all the different flags in the community. We also joined forces with the wonderful First Drop Photography to bring a Pride inspired competition which was won by the lovely guys Adam and Craid (who do stuff).

July came sauntering in and it came with a celebration that things could start to reopen, so of course, the first thing we do is visit the Scar award winning scary escape room Nerve Klinik. Nerve Klinik wasn’t the only escape room we visited in July as we also popped along to Genius Escapes to stop some nuclear bombs going off. July also brought us our second visit to the ever mysterious Pondermere, this time to find some children who had gone missing after visiting a circus. We found them and no children were hurt in the experience (Just in case you were wondering). July also saw Amber head back to her local for some Thorpe Park therapy as well as a visit to what can only be described as the best family park in the UK (And i’m not just saying that as I live 20 mins away, it actually is Trip Advisor’s number 1 family park you know). I am of course talking about the home of Peppa Pig world, Paultons Park. We got on some new coasters (Flight of the Pterasaur is strangely intense for a family inverted coaster) and had a nose over the fence at Tornado Springs (Which looks fantastic). We were also extremely lucky in July to be one of the first people to get to experience The Retreat, a socially distanced scare event that had us so damn scared!

August started and as well as having just okish weather it brought news that some scare events would not be running (Sad face). But not all was doom and gloom. There was one single thing this month that shone a light of love and positivity. August 20th, a visit to Alton Towers would become more magical than ever as Dane got down on one knee in front of Wicker Man and proposed to Dan. He said yes!

Also in August Dom headed back to Bristol to experience Puzzlair’s The Poltergeist room.As well as Alton Towers, Dom headed to Drayton Manor. The park was rammed so only managed a ride on the water ride Stormforce 10 and a go on each side of the utter terrifying Apocalypse before popping over to West Midlands Safari Park which shocked in both good and bad ways. Venom is without doubt the biggest surprise ride wise. It’s crazy intense for a family drop tower but Dr Umboto’s Catacombs is completely terrible but still weirdly amazing.

September eventually arrived and it was a pretty crap month. Event after event announced they weren’t opening in October. We took September off to prepare for scare season.

October was a busy month for us. The month started with 5 escape rooms including both Entity and Phobia at Paralysis Escapes and Edith at Unescapeable. Amber spent the month at Thorpe Park visiting every night Fright Nights was on. Dom, Dan, Dane and Pagan shared the first scare event of the year at Scarefest at Alton Towers and then separated. Dom headed to join Amber at Thorpe whilst the others headed to Scare Kingdom and Spooky World.

October included 3 new events for the page. We visited The Walk at Over Farm, Survival Zone at Nothe Fort, and The Labyrinth at Notts Maze. The last one our scary couple were invited back to help act at which was amazing! As well as that we immersed ourselves in an audio experience from Electric Goldfish as we listened to Keep The Candles Burning in which we jumped a few times at the shadows. October also had us visit the Halloween offering at Chessington with Creepy Caves Resurgence being absolutely horrific (in a good way).

November brought another lockdown with it but we did manage to have a chat with scare actor Tabitha Kell and then December arrived and nothing happened. And there you have it. That is our year at Parks, Scares and Glitter.

Here’s hoping 2021 will be full of more experiences as even though we were restricted and social distancing it was still a pretty fucking epic year!

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