Our Hopes For 2021

2020 has been a very different year to what anyone and every has been used too. We’ve spent more time in our homes than ever before and we’ve not been able to socialise or experience new things in a normal way. With the vaccine now starting to be given, 2021 is looking like it might start getting back to normal, which I think everyone is happy about. But what does the year have in store for us at Parks, Scares and Glitter? Who knows, but it did get us thinking about what we hope to achieve next year as a page.

Our First LGBTQ+ Meet

This one was supposed to be happen this year but due to Covid 19 this could no longer happen safely. If 2021 allows we would finally love to be able to bring the LGBTQ+ enthusiasts (and allies) together for a gay day out at one of the theme parks and come together to help support each other and as well as make some friends. We don’t have any set plans for the day or when we will actually do it but what we do know is that we want everyone to embrace who they truly are!

Visit More Theme Parks

We are really hoping that 2021 will allow us to visit more theme parks both at home and foreign. 2020 saw us visiting Paultons Park and Drayton Manor, both of which were new for one of us, plus our regulars Alton Towers, Chessington and Thorpe. So we are hoping that we will get to visit some more UK parks we haven’t visited before. 2020 also saw us postpone trips to both Florida and Germany (though we did manage to sneak in a visit to Poland) so we shall hopefully be visiting parks there too. Fingers crossed

Experiencing More Scare Things

We are obsessed with scares be them attractions, escape rooms or anything and everything in between so of course we hope to visit and experience more scare stuff. From Zombie Infection to Horror Escape we want to experience as much as we can given that 2020 was a bit light on the scare front. And halloween 2021 should hopefully be our biggest yet!

Other things we’d love to do in 2021:

Do more things as a group

Play more mini golf

Socialise with more people


2021 holds so much promise and although we think it will have a dodgy start, we have hope and believe that it will become a year of new beginnings, new experiences and new screams. A lot can happen in a year!

And with that we conclude our blog posts for the year. We hope everyone has a happy Holiday and we will be back in the new year with our New Years Honours!

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