Fictional Theme Parks we’d love to visit, Pt 3 – TV, Books & Games

If you’ve made it this far in this series than we say a huge thank you. In todays last part of our fictional theme parks we’d like to visit we look at theme parks in TV, books and games.

Horrorland – Goosebumps Books

(Image Credit Goosebumps Wiki)

The 16th book of the original Goosebumps series introduced us to Horrorland. Not many rides are mentioned in the book but the one that is is a log flume with caskets for the boats. The family in the booked stumble across the park by accident and then through a series of events find themselves stuck in the park overnight with the monsters that call the park their home trying to murder them. From a scare event point of view this sounds like an awesome idea but for a theme park, we aren’t quite sure we would want to visit haha. The book led to many things including a whole

Nuka World – Fallout 4

(Image Credit Fallout 4 Wiki)

Nuka World is a park that appears in the game Fallout 4. It used to be a thriving theme park but in the game the park is a bit dilapidated and has become a bit of settlement. Whilst the rides are still there, albeit a bit rough and overgrown, the park itself isn’t functional but its still a park we’d love to visit.

Utopia – Book

(Image Credit WHSmith)

Written by Lincoln Child, the book is set in a futuristic park that relies on robots and holographics heavily to run the park and keep the guests entertained. The man who designed the programme gets called in when things start going wrong and people get hurt. When he gets there he finds that park has been taken hostage. The park features some great areas including an area that is themed around Victorian London. The park sounds awesome and its one we’d like to visit.

Pinna Park – Super Mario Sunshine

(Image Credit Mario Sunshine Wiki)

You can always rely on Mario to bring joy and it brings joy in Super Mario Sunshine to theme park enthusiasts with Pinna Park. The park features 5 rides including pirate ships and a roller coaster. Pinna Park is just a happy place and its a park we’d love to visit. Plus the weather seems great there which is always a bonus!


(Image Credit Westworld Wiki)

Controversially I don’t think Delos counts as a theme park. To me its more an immersive experience but its classed as a theme park so its on the list. Westworld, and the other parks owned by Delos area chance for you to vacation without limit and a place where you can be anyone. Whilst no rides are there, people who visit fully immerse into each world.

Joyland – Book

(Image Credit WHSmith)

written by the mast of horror Stephen King, Joyland is about a guy who takes a job at Joyland and as the days progress he finds out about the park’s dark history. We won’t spoil what happens but Joyland is a great read and certainly a park we’d both love to visit and not visit.

Funland – Grand Theft Auto IV

(Image Credit Grand Theft Auto 4 Wiki)

Funland is a park that features in the game that is loosely based on Coney Island. It features a wide range of rides but unfortunately they can’t be ridden in the game. The area can be visited but not interacted with. It’s a shame, but hey ho. It look goods from the outside

Christmasland – Nos4a2 TV Series

(Image Credit Christmasland Wiki)

Probably one of the darker parks on our lists, Christmasland started as nothing more than a figment of imagination for Charlie Manx. It was a safe place where no one aged, it was Christmas everyday and everyone had fun. Unfortunately due to a series of events the park is destroyed and Charlie Manx is killed, but that’s a good thing as it turns out hes the bad guy. The only problem is its not the best park to want to visit but its festive and its that time of year, so one Christmas park had to be on the list

Nimbasa City Amusement Park – Pokemon Black/White

(Image Credit Pokemon Wiki)

When you think amusement/theme park, Pokemon isn’t probably the place you’d think off but in the 5th generation not only did an amusement park feature but it was also home to the Pokemon gym in the city. Elesa, the electric gym leader even has her gym based in the amusement parks roller coaster. The park even features a huge Ferris Wheel. It may feature only a couple of rides, but its still a park we’d like to visit.

There is a couple of very obvious things missing like Roller Coaster Tycoon and Theme Park, but we thought those would be to obvious for the list and whilst they are parks we’d love to visit, we thought it was a good idea to leave them out.

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