Fictional Theme Parks we’d love to visit Part 2 – Films

Welcome to part 2 of our fictional theme parks lists. This time we are looking at ficitional parks that feature in movies!

Spooky Island – Scooby Doo Movie

(image credit Scooby Doo Wiki)

Ah yes, Spooky Island. Who didn’t watch Scooby Doo and not want to visit this theme park. This horror themed theme park on an island that appeared in the 2002 live action Scooby Doo movie. Whilst not much of the park was ctually featured, we did get some shots of the island as a whole when the gang arrived and it features a couple of coasters and some thrilling flat rides. We also explore the parks ghost train ride, which has some incredible themeing, where of course the gang splits up and things go wrong.

Euroreptarland – Rugrats In Paris

(Image Credit Rugrats Wiki)

Who could forget The Rugrats. Well in this film Tommy and his friends and family all head to Paris for the opening of EuroReptarland. Whilst there, Chuckie’s dad ends up getting married. The park does feature quite prominately with the babies heading to the park to see the princess, who gets replaced by the villian of the story. Anyway, after a lot of chaos things work out for everyone. The film also spawned a game that was located at the park but featured mini golf and other things.

Jurassic Park – Jurassic Park/Jurassic World

(Image Credit Jurassic Park Wiki)

Oh Jurassic Park. Will you ever not go wrong. The theme park where dinosaurs are alive is, let’s be honest, the coolest but most terrifying theme park possible. In Jurassic Park 1 the park was so close to opening but then a dinosaur got loose and ruined it. Jurassic Park 2 and 3 didn’t really focus on the park so it wasn’t until Jurassic World where we finally got a look at what the park could look like fully open and it looks spectacular, until, obviously, shit hits the fan. Obviously it isn’t just the dinosaurs who are responsible for the carnage as greed in humans is also responsible, it’s still a park we wish was real.

Walley World – National lampoon’s Vacation

(Image Credit

The Griswald family on a cross country road trip to visit Walley World has got to be the best comedy involving a theme park. The park itself doesn’t really feature until the last 5/10 minutes and what does feature isn’t much so we can’t really talk about the park itself but the film climaxes as they arrive to find the park is closed for two weeks resulting in Clark to loose it.

Pacific Playland – Zombieland

(Image Credit Zombieland Wiki)

Zombieland is such a great film and the fact that the amusement park is the setting for third act of the movie is quite clever. Throughout the film the group are travelling to Pacific Playland as they hear its a safe haven from the zombies. Halfway through the group splits up and some head straight to the park and others don’t. When they finally arrive they find the place dead. So what do they do, they turn everything on, have a laugh and of course attract the zombies. The get stuck on the drop ride as the zombies close in and then the others turn up in true movie style and save them. Once those on the drop ride have been rescued, they all set about killing the zombies and it leads to some great scenes of zombie fighting at the park.

TroubleMaker Park – Spy Kids 2

(Image Credit Mike Roy)

The park doesn’t feature for that long in the film, but we do get a tour of some of the stupid;ly insane rides the park has like The Whipper Snapper slingshot whip on a tower ride, Nervewracker, insane spinning ride that travels along a arched tower track until it bumps into the other car and the Vomiter, super spinny ride. The story in the park ends with The Juggler, the parks newest ride. The tour is being given to the presidents daughter who goes on the ride and gets stuck resulting in Carmen and Juni saving the day. The park seems completely bonkers and vomit inducing but we think its still a park worth visiting.

Moron Mountain – Space Jam

(Image Credit Space Jam Wiki)

Who could forget the movie Space Jam. It had everything. Looney Tunes, Basketball, humour and Moron Mountain. The Nerdlucks/Monstars come from the grey theme park planet which is run by the despicable Mr Swackhammer. A couple of rides feature including Sludge Summit. The Monstars face the Toon Squad in a game of basketball that could decide the fate of the a Looney Tunes and if they will become the new attraction at the park. The ending is obvious so I will spoil it but they win and convince the Monstars to revolt against Mr Swackhammer. Unfortunately the park isn’t explored in huge detail but it’s a park we remember, mainly for the name.

Wonder World – Beverley Hills Cop 3

(Image Credit Google)

Counterfeitiers at a theme park, who’d have thought it, but thats the story line in Beverly Hills Cop 3 starring Eddie Murphy. A few rides feature prominantley in the film like the spider ferris wheel (Which Eddie Murphy’s character Axel Foley saves two children on), a dark ride through the ages and a ride called Alien Attack which has a great shootout scene on where the rides animatronics and features are used against the bad guys. If you haven’t seen the film we strongly advise you watch it as it is really fun.

Wonder Land – Wonder Park

(Image Credit Wonder Park Wiki)

Another theme park created by imagination is Wonder Land, the park in the animated film Wonder Park. The led character and her mum imagine the park and come up with stories about the park which is run by animals. As time goes on the girl forgets about the park, but it turns out the park is real and that her forgetting about the park will destroy it and the animals so she sets about saving it. Its a cute, feel good film that is fun for the whole family.

So there you have it, thats our second list of fictional theme parks we wish were real. Obviously some parks featured in this list were filmed at real parks but we are classing the parks featured in the films as the fictional parks, not the ones they were filmed in. Tomorrows list is TV, Games and Books.

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