Fictional Theme Parks We Wish Were Real Part 1 – TV Animation

Saturday night, sat on the sofa watching crap tv and Sky One are showing older episodes of The Simpsons and the episode they are showing is the one that’s features Itchy & Scratchy Land and it gave me a lightbulb moment for a blog post, which explains why you are now reading this blog post about fictional theme parks and which ones we’d like to visit. But the more we got into writing and researching, the more we realised that there was so many fictional parks we wish we could (And in a couple of cases couldn’t) visit so we have turned it into a series of blog posts. This one covers TV Animation. Tomorrows will cover film and the third one will look at TV, Book and games.

Itchy and Scratchy Land – The Simpson’s

(Image credit Reddit)

As this blog post is inspired by this it only makes sense to start with Itchy and Scratchy Land. Originally featured in the episode of the same name, The Simpson’s visit the park based on the popular cartoon within the show. What ensues is a mixture of hilarious Disneyland piss takes (As well as other theme park references) and a story that could be quite terrifying if it actually happened and it culminates in The Simpson’s taking on the animatronics in a bid for survival. Whilst not many rides are featured in the episode they do show a Log Flume of dangerous proportion called Log Flume, Parents Island where Marge and Homer spend time celebrating the new year every hour as well as the many themed lands including Unnecessary Surgery Land. The great thing about The Simpson’s is the fact they do sometimes go back to things, so even though Itchy & Scratchy Land appeared in series 6, they revisit the park in season 26 with a piss take of the Soarin’ ride. But Itchy and Scratchy Land aren’t the only fictional theme parks to feature in The Simpsons. Other parks that have featured are Duff Gardens (Which featured their own version of Disney’s Its A Small World with its own unique song “Duff Beer for me, Duff Beer for you…..”) , Krustyland (Which is also the location of the dark rides at Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood) and Praiseland to mention just a few. We can’t help but think Matt Groening and his team are theme park fans.

Retroland – Jimmy Neutron

(image Credit Jimmy Neutron Wiki)

Jimmy Neutron, a boy genius and his group of friends visit Retroland in the movie Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius. The park has a huge list of different rides and attractions, some of which have actually featured in the show such as the Bat Outta Heck roller coaster (Which is actually ridden by Jimmy and his friends in the film) and the Octopuke ride. The theme park has also appeared in the every tv series too which meant more rides. The list of rides at the park is really big and they all sound pretty unique. The park is also haunted which adds a bit of extra fun to it. The whole idea of Retroland sounds pretty awesome and it’s a park we so wish we could visit.

Anatomy Park – Rick And Morty

(image Credit Rick & Morty Wiki)

Rick and Mort is a bonkers show where anything can and does usually happen. It’s randomness is completely explored in season 1’s third episode Anatomy Park. Rick has basically created a theme park inside a homeless man called Ruben. Morty is shrunk and sent in to help with the construction of the park but things take a turn as Ruben dies due to bacteria and virus and everyone inside the park must escape. They escape on The Bone Train and eventually are returned to normal size, even if it’s at Ruben’s body’s expense. In the post episode scene, a second Anatomy Park is being built and Rick is told that his Pirates of the Pancreas ride won’t happen. That isn’t the only ride referenced in the episode. It’s a Small Small Intestine also features and is an obvious piss take. Whilst the park isn’t safe, it still sounds like an awesome park that we’d love to visit.

Luna Park – Futurama

(Image Credit Futurama Wiki)

Oh Futurama. The underappreciated futuristic animation by Matt Groening with so many amazing episodes and Luna Park features in the 2nd episode ‘The Series has Landed’. Fry and the team have to deliver some soft toys for the claw machines and as it’s Fry’s first time in space they stay and experience some of the domed park on the moon. The park has many rides but the one they focus on is the kids Luna Rover Ride so Fry can walk on the moon as well as another pirates parody called ‘Whalers on the Moon’. The park has many reasons why we would want to visit if it was real with the first being that it’s on the friggin’ moon!

Six Flags Quahog – Family Guy

(Image Credit Family Guy Wiki)

Six Flags Quahog features in the episode ‘Amish Guy’ and features Peter wanting to ride the new roller coaster The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Ride. Unfortunately due to his weight, Peter isn’t allowed to ride. It true Family Guy style, Peter finds a way to ride it, but unfortunately he causes the coaster to crash. That’s how that particular storyline ends but they somehow find themselves in Amish Country and it goes that way. It isn’t the first time a theme park has featured or been referenced in Family Guy. Bob’s Funland is another park that appears in the earlier series but focuses more on the mini golf than the park. Another reference is Peter riding the single loop coaster (AKA a Larson Loop).

Familyland – American Dad

(Image Credit American Dad Wiki)

Familyland is best described as the biggest Disney myth meets The Hunger Games. The Smith family head to Familyland, which is basically a parody of Disneyland. The park is split into 4 areas, Cartoon City, Fairy Tale Land, Wild West World and Outer Space Land. Francine wants the family to stick together but they all leave her and head to the different areas. They are supposed to meet by a statue of the parks owner, Roy Family, but they don’t, leaving Francine to get upset and make a snide comment at the statue. This then makes the statue come to life as Roy Family had froze himself within the park. He then shuts the park off to the rest of the world and members of the Smith family then become leaders of each area and are forced to kill each other to escape lockdowned Familyland. Whilst its not a park we’d like to visit when its shut off, it generally seemed like a lovely park.

Cartmanland – South Park

(Image Credit South Park Wiki)

Yes, Cartmanland is a thing. Cartman inherits a million dollars form his gran and buys North Park Funland and turns it into Cartmanland but he doesn’t want people to visit. Business analysts say its the best advertising for a park they have ever seen and the park reaches full capacity, infuriating Cartman to the point he sells the park back to its original owner. As is usual with South Park, Kenny gets killed (By standing up on the roller coaster). Again, its not really a park we’d love to visit but more one we’d be ok visiting.

So that’s our TV animation list. Do you have any others that you’d like to visit? Join us for our next list of fictional parks which will be film based.

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