4 Non Theme Park Dark Rides Worth Experiencing

Dark rides come in all shapes and sizes but when you think dark ride you automatically think of theme parks and rides like Hex and Bubbleworks. Although awesome, theme parks aren’t the only places to experience an awesome dark ride. Below we are going to list our 4 favourite dark rides that aren’t at a theme park or amusementpark or fairground.

Yorvik Viking Centre

The Yorvik Viking Centre is in the heart of York. Its a museum but once you enter and get past the first couple of really interesting rooms you are greeted by an inverted dark ride. The first thing you will notice is the sheer size of the experience and the level of detail within the sets. It really is stunning. The attraction uses smell pods from AromaPrime which really enhance each set. The ride is very slow and if you have the attention span of a goldfish than chances are you will get bored, but luckily there is enough to see and hear that will keep most people from be king bored. The ride tells the story of what life was like for the Viking settlers of Jorvik and their daily lives. Its a really interesting ride and really worth experiencing.

CadabraCadbury World

Cadbury World is a rather unique place that offers guests chocolate and fun (A combo we love and think should be employed by many places). As you make your way through Cadbury World you will eventually come to Cadabra, the chocolate based dark ride. Firstly, the cars on the attraction are so adorable. Its like a purple Brum, minus the eyes and cheeky behaviour. The rides theme is primarily for children so its bright and colourful and extremely playful, but its a uniquely themed dark ride that should be experienced by everyone at some point.

Spirit of LondonMadame Tussauds

Let’s be brutally honest, if you like a good dark ride than you have probably heard of or even experienced this stunning attraction. The Spirit of London ride is set deep in the heart of London’s Madame Tussaud’s. It tells the story of the history of London. From the minute you enter even the queueline you are embraced by the big warm hug of this experience. The cars are themed to black cabs and as you experience this attraction you can’t help but fall in complete love with it. Its sets are THE best in the UK and the whole experience is just awesome. The ride is full of many wonderful animatronics and will fill even the most sour full of patriotic love for Britain.

Drop Dead Ride – Various Dungeon Locations

We love The Dungeon attractions and so of course it makes sense for Drop Dead to feature on our list. Whilst we do love the other types of rides Dungeon attractions have, Drop Dead is the one that we always remember. Its that sharp, short burst of terror and thrill that makes it the perfect ending, plus they fit it in with the overall story arc that the Dungeon attractions have.

This list was originally going to be 5 dark rides, but upon researching a bit more for the 5th one we found that it was no longer open and we wanted the list to be ones that were still operating, so Wheels at Beaulieu unfortunately couldn’t be on this list, but it was a fun and very cute dark ride. But there you have it, our top 4 dark rides thats aren’t in a theme park.

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