Things We Hope Stay For Scare Season 2021

Scare season 2020 has been a strange one. Most of the well established and popular scare events decided not to open and those that did had to think differently in the way they operated. As well as different operational things, new events popped up and introduced us to good and bad new things. So we thought we’d do a little blog post on the things we hope stay for 2021

Smaller Group Sizes and Delayed Batching

This one is about as obvious as the moon in the night sky but we really hope the scream parks and events really take this on board. We found the smaller group sizes made mazes and experiences more intimate and more terrifying. The smaller groups sizes meant that every member of the group could experience at least one scare and actors could really flex their scare chops. The delayed batching also meant that actors had a chance to reset between groups meaning that every group got the same level of intensity and from the actor as well as a chance to experience that scare in its entirety. The smaller group sizes and delayed batching really did make things so much better this year and its something that we really hope gets carried over to next year if operationally viable.

Drive Through Scare Events

Right, we are going to be honest, we didnt experience any, but we heard so many wonderful things about a lot of these. They seem to have sprung up quite a lot this year due to being able to be Covid safe and some really went all out and really brought the terror that had people in their cars screaming. The likes of Road To Hell (Other events are avilable) really brought the drive through scare events to us with a bang. As well as drive through scare events, drive in cinema’s seemed to also pop up and Tulleys and ParkCity both went one step further by bringing in actors to their drive in cinema to help build a spooky vibe and atmosphere whilst watching a scary film. We understand that a lot of these were only brought in as replacements for other events, but we do really hope that they return as they are very unique and offer something extra to scare fans.

Audio Experiences

Another style of entertainment that really burst onto the scene this scare season was audio experiences. From Darkfield Radio to Electric Goldfish’s Keep The Candle Burning, these were able to be experienced from the comfort of your home. They were immersive and some were even interactive. All you needed was headphones and a device. They weren’t overly long either and those that were could be split into smaller experiences.

It isn’t a long list, but we feel that these are definitely thing that we would love to see return in 2021 as they were either unique experiences or things thats helped events run operationally better in our opinions. Do you have thoughts on what you’d like to see return next year?

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