The Walk

Due to the global pandemic, normal Frightmare had taken the hard decision to not open this year, but they openly admitted on social media that they still wanted to celebrate Halloween. They therefore came up with The Walk. The simplest way to describe the experience is think hayride but with the hayride.

It took about 25/30 minutes to walk around the experience and through all the different sets. The sets are stunning. Some of them are so detailed and they really add to the creepy atmosphere you get while walking around. As well as some really detailed sets, Over Farm use their lighting very well with some areas with even the electricity pylons bring lit up in a creepy green.

The actors really use their spaces well and there is a full on mix of scary to humour throughout the walk. The actor in the graveyard scene went full on humour while the 2 actors in the final scene went for intensity. There really is a wide range of characters on display and it was nice to see. I have to admit that my biggest scare came one of the llamas that call Over Farm their home. It’s because I didn’t see it. Also the actor who hid in a scene and then waited until we had finished taking pictures to come alive deserves a shoutout as they used their space perfectly.

Over Farm were really on top of social distancing and even in their seating area around their stage is done in a way that feels normal but safe. Before you enter the seating area you have the chance to buy food. You then get greeted by a Bench Wench who will take you to your bench, show you the rules and give you a time to leave. Once you’re seated you can’t leave unless you go to the loo or leave. It felt really safe and the Bench Wench’s are hilarious.

Overall The Walk was a nice evening with some lovely sets and great characters. What it lacked in hardcore scares it made up for with charm and uniqueness.

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