Survival Zone Review

Where to begin with Survival Zone. I have so many thoughts and opinions about this event so lets start with the easy bit first. It was amazing! Survival Zone only launched 3 weeks ago, so expectations going in were low. It is a new event and I really wasn’t expecting much. I didn’t know much about the location other than its Nothe Fort and the fact it appeared on the radar not that long ago didn’t fill me with too much anticipation. Boy was I wrong on so many levels.

Let’s start with the location. Nothe Fort is a stunning location for an event. Its gorgeous. The fact you have to walk through a creepy ass tunnel to get to the entrance really sets up a spooky vibe. You arrive and are greeted by a security guard who checks that you’re booked in and then opens the fort door to let you in. Very atmospheric. As you walk in you’re told to sanitise hands. You are told to do this at several locations around the site and masks have to be worn. As you walk in you see groups going in and all you hear is screams. We thought the screams were recorded. Turns out, they weren’t. You enter the main courtyard and are greeted by a marquee and the friendliest staff ever (The security guy was also super friendly).

We thought the screams were recorded. Turns out, they weren’t.”

The staff here are so lovely and even though they only set the event up from initial idea to running it, they are so enthusiastic and want people to enjoy it. The marquee has some fencing in which you wait behind for your time slot. Going to be honest, I went through twice due to our small group being booked on twice at different times, so they really nicely let us all join each others runs. It was supposed to be two groups of 2 but it ended up being 1 group of 3 on each run. Thank you to Gary for letting our group come together and for letting us do it twice.

The experience itself I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t go into to much detail. Its set within some of the tunnels and corridors of the fort and they really use the space well. That first scene is genuinely terrifying to the point I didn’t want to be at the front. Now I understood why there was so many screams! Each group gets a tour guide. Our first guide was a police officer/security guard. He was very authorative but had a cheery persnality too. His “tour” was direct and tense and really built on him knowing what to do and slowly loosing that. Our second guide was a bumbling doctor who gave us a false sense of security. Depending on who your guide was decided on the story you got. Each story followed a similar storyline, but the way the guides explained the story and did the story were completely different and it felt like two different experiences. The scares throughout were well timed, especially the drop box scare. That was completly unexpected and I think it will stay with me for a little while. The actors in the attraction were on form and really brought the terror and I know for a fact I screamed a few times. The sets worked and didn’t feel out of place. The costumes were so good too, but I later found out its because they have history in theatre.

I haven’t been that scared in an attraction in a while and I came out of both runs smiling and just in complete shock at what I had experienced. They use the small, dark tunnels within the fort so well while maintaining social distancing and it all just worked so well! My scare season has come to an end but I’m so glad it ended with Survival Zone as it was a stunning experience and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them and what they do when the restrictions are no longer in place.

Thanks for reading


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