Scare Kingdom Scream Park Review 2020

Recently 3 members of the PSG Team(Dan ,Dane and Pagan) ventured north to take on Scare Kingdom with a special guest Emma Jaura. For 2 of the group it would be the first time, for the others a trip back to some great memories and some experiences in a certain clinic we would like to forget but for all the best reasons. Straight off the bat we really want to congratulate SK for their COVID safe measures, everything was handled perfectly from queuing to being within an attraction and there was a rarely a time where we felt unsafe visiting, maybe a couple of scares were a little close but nothing to majorly worry about as the night was a resounding success with the best entry to SK to date and a Psychomanteum we will never forget. So let’s get to the mazes/experiences.

Horrid High Tea with Scrapfaggot and Mrs.Filtch

Scare Kingdom is known for its opening show to get the ball rolling. Last year it was a seance, this year however an amazing opening in a giant tent which to be honest as we all agreed was a much more fitting opening than the usual queueing through the ice cream shop. This scene was just pure genius, with hidden scares, tongue in cheek humour “To be honest I thought it was Scrapfaggot and Mrs.Felch at first, but no it was Filtch. Some brilliant personal touches were added too by 2 of SK most esteemed actors. It’s so hard to properly review this scene other than saying it was like having tea with a panto dame with a good splash of Elvira in welcome measure and rest assured we were howling by the time we were heading off to the first maze of the evening. 

The Paradise Foundation: Bliss TV

Last year I took my first steps into The Paradise Foundation and I was blown away so naturally when seeing there was a sequel I was overjoyed. The interaction with the entrance actor was brilliant, He really set a false sense of security yet gave that Hostel style feel of “I make you feel good…so i kill you later” Entering into the maze you are met with such a great scene of a dystopian clinic and soon placed up for bidding. Honestly, this was so much fun with a note to the BlissTV bidding manager that went from happy to work here to “you’re awful get out!” Again the kind of great storytelling we know and love from SK that never fails to gain great attention. The scenes that follow into the dark creepiness of TPF just get weirder and more twisted. The Lard, The TV Screens like we were in a death race, One of the creepiest masks I’ve ever seen in a maze and of course the INSANE cat and mouse finale that honestly I could have hours playing in. The only moment of sadness is when you run out the door knowing the experience is over when all you want to do is run around and do it all again.

Manormortis: Ghost Story

Manormortis is known for its absolutely stunning sets and this year was no exception just a change in narrative to Ghost Stories. One shoutout that has to be maid “get it MAID” is the maid at the entrance to the house. She plays the role perfectly and with the personal touches she adds to each performance sets up MM with a great opening. When walking through MM you will always be taken away into a new world of intricate sets and scares coming from all directions at random times, This is why MM is such a joy to experience each time. The only drop for us on our run is not technically SK’s fault but due to Covid restrictions, some scares require alot of smoke to work. Fair play to the actors in the finale as they really tried their hardest when they were facing a losing battle. But that is the only fault we could find.

Blitz: The Hunger

Again last year Blitz wowed us so much with its simplicity in design which caused a really intimidating experience. Like MM , Blitz suffered the same issues, When you need smoke and if I remember rightly quite alot of it in a maze for the scares to work it becomes a shame when you can see them coming. The actors in this maze maybe had the hardest job of all but again this issue was completely out of SK’s hands and the actors within still managed to provide scares, It just didn’t have the intensity as last year but it was to be expected. The opening scene was just as strong as ever so we shall commend that too. 

Body Snatchers: Chamber of Horrors

Body Snatchers like MM has been through many many incarnations over the years. From Jack, The Ripper to Drag Queens you never know what to fully expect in this attraction, What was a joy however was to re-meet Madame Tussaud herself and “er chamburh of orrehs” Honestly her accent is a joy to watch her play this role. Body Snatchers is like the darker twin of MM with smaller corridors, stronger strobes and some genuinely nerve inducing moments. Again we’ve had such fantastic runs through this maze before and the staff tried their best to keep the groups meeting down. Only on one scene did we encounter a problem where we were batched in then asked if we minded another two join us in the scene. We have to be honest this left us a little uneasy but distance was still kept so again not a major issue but maybe over timing the scene has caused problems here. The finale with the Candleman has such an impressive image and was great to have a chance to see that scene again.

ZoZo’s Grindhouse

Replacing The Hoodening this year is the new clown maze ZoZo’s Grindhouse. This was one of the strongest mazes of the night and truth be told none of the mazes was bad. The thing I loved about this maze so much is it uses old clown maze techniques and makes them feel fresh and modern. It’s not the longest attraction but neither does it need to be and true to SK’s style the theme is on point. The amount of times I found myself laughing in this maze but all the right reasons are beyond what I can recall counting. I just know that it served the perfect ending to the main section of SK’s line up. I will say this though the finale was one of the biggest surprises yet was so simple and effective and although a rarity had me running into the barn where the dark finale to SK lays in wait…


Ok where to even start with this, As always this review will be completely spoiler-free as not knowing is the key to the best experience in Psychomanteum.

Dr.Killian Goodkind’s clinic has been the scene of many a depraved act with some very hands-on interaction, In fact, Psychomanteum is infamous for it, But with COVID restrictions would Psychomanteum deliver the punch and twisted nature it’s known for?

In one word YES. This form is so far from what you will expect yet some scenes will honestly make you feel very uncomfortable. This incarnation might be the most intense visually I’ve seen to date and it will surely be with you for a long time. Not the usually crazy over the top theme but something more dark, intense, unsettling and maybe even melancholic.

I was dubious about how effective Psychomanteum: Scared Stiff would match up to previous versions but rest assured it’s one version of the clinic I will never forget.

So to wrap up yes some of the mazes wasn’t the mass intensity of the past but we knew this was going to be an issue and took it on board. What Scare Kingdom has created for a COVID Halloween is something so special with a maze or experience to suit each taste but more importantly, the entire cast be it Actors, Hosts, Management or even the staff that work tirelessly in the huge socially distanced eating and bar should be so proud of putting on such an amazing show which is honestly on par with some of the best years SK have provided outside of 2020 and rest assured we can’t wait to be back.

Scare Kingdom have been running for many years but here is Scare Kingdom Scream Park 2019 Review

Till next time


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