Yesterday at Thorpe Park

So there have been a lot of things flying around on social media about last night at Thorpe Park so I thought I would write this little blog post about what Myself and Amber experienced yesterday. I want to point out that Amber was on park all day with Myself arriving at 5pm. This is not our review of Fright Nights Fearstival, but we felt we needed to write this!

Lets start with the obvious, yes it was the day that the traveller community was on the park. They were not obeying the social distancing rules that everyone has to follow. They really were gathering in huge groups around the park. The staff were splitting the big gatherings up. We saw that image that circled on social media and within half an hour of it being posted we went by and everyone had been dispersed. Let’s be honest, it shouldn’t be happening in the first place, but the fact that staff were splitting up the big gatherings is commendable. And we want to point out that they weren’t the only ones to gather in groups of more than 6 as we saw a couple of vloggers and other theme park enthusiasts do the same.

Another thing we noticed that the park was being accused of was overselling tickets. We do not feel that Thorpe Park over sold tickets yesterday. The park reached capacity, but outside of the travellers, I wouldn’t really say there was that many other people around. We did also notice that they really didn’t like to wear masks and literally only put them on until they had moved away from the staff members and many times we heard staff shouting and telling them to put their masks on.

Anyone who has been at the park before on this day knows how stressful this day can be at the park, especially for the actors. They have a reputation of being disrespectful to the staff and unfortunately we did see this to the point ONE scare zone did have to close due to an actor being hit. THIS IS NEVER OK, but fair play to Thorpe for closing the scare zone and keeping their actors safe. Throughout the night we noticed that the actors in the scare zones were slowly getting less and less. We fully understand the reason behind this and we feel this was the right action by the park. We also felt sorry for the cleaners around the park as they just left their rubbish everywhere and it was disgusting. We did also see the rumour that a staff member had been sexually assaulted. We do not know if this is true or not and we won’t be speculating but we do hope the actor we know got punched is ok!

Anyone who blames the park or the staff for yesterday needs to check themselves. Staff and security were working so hard to control the situation best they could, especially given they can never in point when they are actually going to turn up. We did notice that staff had even had enough of them with them because they were ending ride cycles early. We saw this on the King Pigs Dodgems as we walked by it and also on Samurai.

Overall Thorpe Park had a hard day yesterday, but they actually did such a good job at trying to keep everyone safe and even though there were incidents, for the most part, the majority were behaved to an extent. We have nothing but huge respect for every actor and we think everyone else should too!

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