Halloween 2020: Open/Maybe/Closed

With Halloween events in the process of saying if they are going to try to open or not, we’d thought we’d try and make it a bit easier to try and plan. The list below is off attractions and  events that have either confirmed they will be trying to open, or giving the impression they are going to try to open. The list will be updated as and when places confirm their plans. We hope this helps people potentially plan for some scares this October! (The list doesn’t include attractions that are open year round or through out the year)

Please note that events on this list may change depending on the pandemic!


Fear Island – Fantasy Island


Fear Island recently announced that they were planning to open with 3 scare mazes and 1 family show. Disturbiam and The House of Voodoo will be returning from last year with new names, Disturbiam Lockdown and The House Of Voodoo Cursed. There will also be a new maze, The Haunting. More info can be found here!

Scare Kingdom Scream Park


To our knowledge, Scare Kingdom are planning on opening. Two attractions have now officially changed from their original reveal. Terroritca will now stay as Psychomanteum and The Dead Line has been replaced with Horrid High Tea with Scrapfaggot and Mrs Filtch. They did put a casting call out for actors, which is what makes us think they plan to open. More info can be found here!

Alton Towers Scarefest


Alton Towers recently announced their full line up for this years Scarefest. Returning this year will be The Attic: Terror in the Towers, The Altonville Mine Tours: Legend of the Skin Snatchers and Darkest Depths. Project 42 and Sub Species will not be returning this year. The park will also be introducing two new attractions, Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard and Garden Lights Walk Whispering Souls. More info about the event can be found here!

The Jungle – Fright Night


This Northern Ireland event recently confirmed on social media that they would be opening this year. With 7 attractions on offer, all of which will have social distancing in mind, its bound to be a great event. More info can be found here!

Xtreme Scream Park


Xtreme Scream Park have been recruiting for actors for their 2020 season which makes us feel that they are planning to open. Their line up has now been revealed with Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa being replaced with Belvoir Manner! More info can be found here!

 Thorpe Park Fright Nights Fearstival


Thorpe Park have just confirmed their line up for this year. Featuring 7 attractions with only 2 of them returning from last year. Returning maze Platform 15 will be joined by Roots of Evil, a new maze. These will be the only mazes this year and both will cost £10. Tickets will have to be pre booked before visiting. Terror at Amity High will be returning. Elsewhere around the park, the chainsaw weilding maniacs of Creek Freak Massacre will be unleashed on Old Town as a scare zone. The Swarm island will also have a new thing called The Swarm Invasion. Elsewhere at the park The Howling of LycanThorpe High will scare guests. 2 other things worth mentioning. There will be a Fearstival Arena, a scare zone located in the dockyard and the website is also advertising something called The Crows.. More info can be found here!

Spook World

Spooky World confirmed on social media that they are planning to open. They have been looking at hiring actors and other staff for their event. As well as that their website has been updated with their opening dates and their mazes, which are the same as last year, with one just being a bit upgraded. More info can be found here! 

Nott’s Maze The Labyrinth

Nott’s Maze have recently announced that they would be reopening after some time off. Running for 4 nights only and with two runs on each night, its promising an intense experience as its recommended for 18+. More info can be found here!

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle are taking the family friendly route this year for their Haunted Castle event. They are havig a family friendly Halloween trail in The Haunted Hollows as well as witches and spooky going’s on around the place. More info can be found here!


A new event for 2020, FestEvil is a live action drive through horror scare maze coming to Wrexham. Its created by Cyclone Events Managment and promises to scare the hell out of you. Tickets cost £12.50 per car and the event runs every night from 16th October until 1st November. More info can be found here! 

Fairground Frights – Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Another new event happening this year, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach have introduced Fairground Frights. More information has come to light about this event. The Fun Factory has been overthrown with evil and the this will be the parks scare maze. There will also be actors in some of the rides as well as other spooky things. More info can be found here!

Horrors of the Wild – Twycross Zoo

A new event coming to Twycross Zoo, Horrors of the wild invites guests into the wild by torchlight to meet the threats that animals face first hand. The exhibits themselves won’t be open because a lot of animals need their sleep, but the hour to hour and half trail will full immerse guests. Tickets are £20 and the evnt runs for two nights, 30th and 31st October. More info can be found here!

Howl’O’ween at Chessington

Chessington announced today (10/9) that Howl’O’ween will be happening this year. Running from the 17th October until the 1st of November the event will bring lots of tricks and treats to guests. Featuring two main attractions, rides ‘coming to life’ and spooky entertainment throughout the park, Howl’O’Ween is set to be a fun event. More info can be found here!

Oakwood Spooktacular

Oakwood theme park in wales also recently announced they were planning to run their halloween Spooktacular. Boasting the return of Witch Hunt and 3 brand new attractions, it looks like this little welsh theme park will be pulling out the stops to make Halloween fun. They haven’t released much information about the mazes except for the names yet. More info can be found here!

Horror Drive Thru: Halloween By Night

Thornton Hall Country Park were due to be home to the new event Scream Fields this year, but due to Covid-19, that event isn’t happening. Instead they have opted for a drive thru horror experience featuring live actors and special effects. More information can be found here! 

Ffear Forest

Whilst this event doesn’t have any scare mazes, its still on our list because it will have actors. There will be 4 attractions open including their alpine coaster and The Nets. This event is not for the faint hearted. More info can be found here! 

The Walk

Unfortunately Frightmare won’t be opening this year but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to still celebrate the season so have brought us The Walk. Its a walking trail around the farm that will make you walk past sets and scenes as well as a few surprises. More info can be found here!

Jail of Horrors

The Jail or Horror at Crumlin Road, Goal in Northern Ireland is a 30 minute intense scare attraction set in a real jail. The event will run from the 15th October until the 31st October. Also available for those wanting more is the 2hr ghost hunting experience. More information and tickets can be found here! 

The Sessions House of Horrors

Located in Spalding, The Sessions House of Horrors will use its former court house location to its full advantage to brings the scares as you venture through the house and grounds in unguided tours. What will you encounter. The event will run for a week. More info and tickets can be found here!

Pleasurewood Chills

Pleasurewood Hills have confirmed that Pleasurewood Chills will be returning ato the park but it won’t have its scare mazes. Instead the event will be very family focused. More information can be found here!

The Trail of Terror at Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo have introduced The Trail of Terror for Halloween 2020. Running for just two nights, 30th and 31st October, this hour and a half event that hopes to bring the screams from the minute you arrive. The event will run for 4 hours on each night. More information can be found here! 

Park N Party Scare City Drive In

This drive in cinema will be adding some extra spooks with its halloween event Scare City. Guests will enter via the Tunnel of Doom and then will park up for some scary movies while actors roam. With a haunted house, a graveyard and props its set to be one scary movie night. More info can be found here!

Horror Drive

Another drive through event is arriving this year in Horror Drive. All we know about location is Essex but apparently the scares will come from everwhere. There is even the option to upgrade to the bloody package where your car will end up covered in blood and gore. More info can be found here!

Road To Hell

This drive through scare experience will take guests on a 1.5 mile journey through the woods. Its the brain child of Area 51 and Scare Projects. This event will be held just outside Birmingham. More info can be found here!

Terror Mall’s The Infirmary

The Infirmary is a scare escape event in Wigan. On selected dates in October and November guests will be processed to find their place in society. The event will be a mix of scares and puzzles. More info and tickets can be found here!

Confirmed to not be opening!

Castle Point Ghost Tours

Journey To Hell: Freak Nights @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Horror at Hinchingbrook House

Twins of Evil Scare Attractions

Broadwitch Hauntfest

Fear Fest Evil

Walsall Scare Maze

Brockbushes Spooktacular

Tulleys Shocktoberfest


Scare Nights at the Museum

Fear at Avon Valley


Scotland’s Fright Farm

Terror Island

Yorkshire Scare Grounds


Phobia at Puxton Park

Scream Fields Scream Park


Quextreme Terror

Dr Frights Halloween Nights

Hallowscream at York Maze

The Spooky Ship

Driffield After Dark

Screamfest Burton

Unfairground at The Grand Pier

Farm Of Terror


Psycho Path


Scream Aloud

Scream Factory

Terror Mountain

Kent Scareground

Scare Zone Northallerton

Old Market Scare

Terror In The Trees


(All logos and images taken from the Facebook pages for each event)


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