Nerve Klinik – Break Escape

With things beginning to open now that Lockdown is easing, I could not resist the opportunity to get to an escape room. Due to current guidelines, escape rooms can only be done with people from your household or bubble. As well as this, the usual live actor was not in the room, but this did not take anything away from the experience and the scares were still on point.


After a drive to pick my friend Jake up, we arrived in Loughborough and headed to Break Escape. We were greeted by our host who also checked our temperatures. After a short chat we were led up the stairs and along to our room. Our Games master explained the rules to us and the true reason why we were booked into the clinic. Our friend Sarah had gone to clinic and had disappeared, and our mission was to try and find her. We were also told that Dr Greuber would not be pleased when two of us arrived especially when he liked to see only one person at a time.

We then entered into the room and were left in the darkness. Our 60 minutes had begun. It was time to solve the puzzles and save our friend. Over the course of our time in the clinic we encountered helpful and not so helpful spirits as well as all kinds of puzzles, some of which were hard. As well as trying to solve the puzzles, the scares also came! We kept jumping, screaming, and even running away. Sorry Jake for running into you and pushing you out the way haha. Who would have thought a balloon could scare us. We managed to escape with a minute left on the clock.


It was an absolutely brilliant room. We had so much fun and it is also a really scary room. The banter in the room is great. The room has so many wonderful moments, especially when you even end up pushing people in a cart to the next room. Our host was awesome and gave us a few scares too. I have not been that scared in a while. We cannot wait to go back and do their other rooms. These guys were fab and welcomed us and scared us, so thank you.

We have previously reviewed this escape room and that review can be found Here! and this review may contain more spoilers.



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