Lockdown Is Lifting

As of July 4th, it would seem the majority of England will be easing its way out of Lockdown. Theme parks can reopen and the world is slowly moving back to normality. This does not mean the virus is gone, nor does it mean we can just go about our lives like we used to, but it does mean we can start enjoying things, whilst being cautious.


When the announcement was, well, announced about theme parks being allowed to open, a lot of parks set their open date for 4th July. Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Legoland were amongst the first to confirm this date. There will, of course, be restrictions at the parks. It would seem that Merlin will not be opening many of their indoor attractions. So rides like such as Duel, Hex and Monster House Party won’t be open. But fret not. The coasters will be and that’s what most enthusiasts enjoy the most. Even though the theme parks are allowed to open, social distancing will still be in effect. You will also have to have temperature checks before entering the parks as well as face masks having to be worn on the rides with exceptions to this for people with medical conditions and disabilities as well as other things in effect to help prevent the spread of the virus. Lets be honest though, no one actually knows how the theme parks will feel. Usually the theme parks are happy, vibrant, loud and welcoming places. They are places you go to to forget the problems of the real world and just have a laugh with your mates. But with so many safety precautions being in play all at the same time, will the theme parks actually feel the same as they used too? We hope so. To give you an idea of the new precautions, below is a couple of images from Chessington World of Adventures when they opened their zoo.

But as theme parks begin to open, there is still no guarantee that Halloween events will actually happen. All eyes will be on Pasaje Del Terror in Blackpool on July 4th as it plans to open with Pleasure Beach. It will be very interesting to see what they do to keep everyone safe and to see if it is possible for it to carry over to the general scare industry as a whole. We have had some good news on the scare front though as several events have seemingly confirmed that they will be trying to open in October for guests. This is of course assuming that there won’t be a second wave. Unfortunately the announcement of the easing of Lockdown will still have an affect on waterparks as they are unable to open, so Cariba Creek will remain lifeless for now. There is, however, one area that is still uncertain of what they are actually allowed to do and that is escape rooms. Some have announced they will be opening on July 4th whilst others have said they won’t be opening as the announcement wasn’t clear for them. All we know is we hope they open soon as we are missing getting out hands on the puzzles. We have loved that the escape rooms took to going virtual and created some amazing online and virtual rooms, but nothing quite beats being there actually doing it.


For now, we can only take everything as a positive sign that England is reopening, but just remember that anything can happen with this virus. Stay safe, Stay Alert, Wear your masks if applicable and lets keep saving Halloween!

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