One Picture Changed Everything!

Alton Towers have had some memorable ride promotions over the years. From The Smiler logo on sheep to the over hyped advertising for Thirteen, they know how to use it to their advantage but back in 2005 they did something that completely changed the way I looked at the park as 17 year old gay teen. The ride in question was Rita: Queen of Speed. The image:



(Image credit: oldskoolanthemz)

As a gay teen beginning to find their feet in the theme park community, this image came at the right time to help both cement myself as a theme park enthusiast and help me accept who I was. Queens from Funny Girls and Way Out Girls we’re invited to Alton Towers to help promote the Drag Race (not Ru Paul’s version) themed coaster in Ug Land.

So much is actually represented in this one single image. It shows how forward thinking Alton Towers are when it comes to acceptance of the LGBT+ community and as a gay teen growing up this showed that Alton Towers really was a magical place where anyone can be anyone and be who they really are. This image also says that you don’t have to be the most popular to be accepted. Rita Queen of Speed was never really popular among the enthusiast community, but it’s always got a queue and is always full of life. It also shows that life doesn’t have to be serious and that sexual orientation isn’t really a big deal at a theme park. Everyone is there just to have fun and escape from every day life. I guess that growing up LGBT+, and even now, it still just means everything to escape to somewhere where its ok to be you.

This one image changed Alton Towers for me and I will never fully be able to thank them for being so accepting and open to the LGBT+ community. So Thank You for helping me become the best version of myself!

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