Virtual Escape Rooms Roundup

Since we are in lockdown what better way to spend it than by doing virtual escape rooms as escape rooms in the UK and around the world have turned their rooms or made new rooms available though video calling and online. You can still experience a room with friends from the comfort of your home  and there is so many you can choose to do. So far I’ve done 3 from the UK and 3 from the US. This is the beauty of virtual escape rooms, you can do rooms from all around the world that you or I would likely not get to experience. This is such a good opportunity to experience them and the US ones I’ve experienced have been so good. So here’s my thoughts on the ones I’ve experienced so far.

So how does it work? So once your invited into a call your AI/host who will do all the work for you. You basically are in control. You tell them where to go, what to explore, open locks, open a draw, put a code in et etc. Whatever you want them to do they will do for you. They will also help you if you get stuck and point you in the right direction to.The puzzles and tasks are not as complicated as they are designed for the virtual world, But the use of clever tricks, puzzles, tasks and actions really help the attractions. I was so surprised how well it worked. I was not sure at first how it would be but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s just like being in the room. You are engaged into it even through a screen. You can get really envolved and sucked in and the hosts always make the room!

Uk escape room reviews:

So far we have experienced all 3 of Room Escape Southend’s virtual rooms available. The virus, which was based losely on a zombie virus. We had to find the cure to the virus, and we escaped with 8:08 left on the clock whoop. The Virus has no stopped being active as they prepare to launch their new horror themed room, The Attic. Next up we experienced Once Upon A Time. This was based on fairy tales and working together along with the magic mirror we had to save the magic kingdom and the fairy tale characters and restore the magic and we escaped with 17:00mins spare. We smashed this room. Then finally we experienced The Right Key. With the magic and music fading we had to help the sprit save it and we escaped with 2:07 spare. All 3 rooms were different and had a great mixture of puzzles, clues and searching. They were great fun and we absolutely loved doing them. The host for each room was fab and so helpful and bounced of our group as well like they were part of our team and would have fun with us to and really engaged with us and made fun at our mistakes haha love what these guys have done and created. Great rooms from these guys as per and we had such fun doing them and can’t wait to do their CSI room on June 1st.Brilliant job guys can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

US escape rooms

The beautiful thing about them being virtual meant I could experience some across the pond without the long flight or costs so we took the opportunity to experience some. First up was Memphis Escape Rooms. We have now experienced 3 of the virtual rooms they have available. With these rooms you got a host. We had Jon for two and I think Beth for one and they were both fab and bounced off our group and were really helpful and funny too and before each room we did, we would get a video about the room and our aim in each room. First we did Parallax which was a si-fi themed room. This room was stunning. So much technology in this one and only 3 padlocks room. The themeing was amazing and some incredible tricky puzzles to solve. The tricks in this room were so good too and it had multiple rooms to search and look. This room was such good fun and incredibly challenging but was great, one of their best ones we did and our host Jon was fab and helpful and funny and we escaped with 14mjns spare! The next room we experienced was The Mayflower and this was based on a serial killer and we had to find them and stop them. This was one of their older rooms we believe. There was a lot of padlocks in this one and multiple rooms and the puzzles were tricky but good and the little tricks were fab and we had so much fun in this room and loved it to. We escaped with 3:59 on the clock whoo. The final room we experienced was Shadow Manor which was themed on an old haunted house. This was my second favourite room of theirs, some real good puzzles, the tricks were fab and so clever to and we escaped with 6:45 left, Yass. These rooms were incredible, so well themed, detailed rooms, the puzzles were so inventive and the tricks and tech used was really good and unexpected too. The rooms had loads to do as well and had right balance of difficulty. The hosts were really helpful and helped us along as we bossed them around and even when we were having moments they would join in and have a laugh with us too. Love the rooms so far we have experienced with these guys they have been such good fun. I can’t wait to experience their final two virtual escape rooms, ones booked already haha love them.

The final room we have experienced so far was a horror based room by HourGlass Ecapes and we experienced their Evil Dead 2 room and these guys were based in Seattle. This had limited tickets available so we jumped at the opportunity to experience this. This was a 70min room and I was completely blown away by this, the room was incredibly detailed to exactly how it would of been in the film. We had a separate inventory to use to help us solve puzzles and clues and I got to experience the room and search with our host who was in full character the whole time with us. He was brilliant and the humor was fab and worked well and sorry for making you put your hands in holes. This room was just amazing so much detail, the puzzles and tricks were perfect and not to difficult either and every one in the team was always doing something to. I was the bossy one who helped find stuff for the others to solve. This room was one of my favourites it was the detail, tricks, puzzles, themeing loved it all. The host made the room to being in character to, loved the room was so much fun and we escaped with 8:40 spare whoop loved the room and can’t wait to see what they bring next.


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