10 Unique Coasters You May Or May Not Know About!

The UK is full of some great coasters, from woodies to inverted to many, many Wacky Worms, but with so much choice in the country, surely there are a few unique coasters. So we hit The Roller Coaster Database to help us find 10 unique coasters this country has.

Hero – Flamingoland


Yes this monstrosity is a unique coaster here in the UK. There is only 8 currently operating in the world and probably with good reason. The Zamperla Volares aren’t the kindest coaster to the human body. Even though its ride position isn’t necessarily unique to the country, the fact that it is only 1 of 8 still operating does make it unique, but if you are going to ride it, be prepared for a beating. Hero opened in 2013 and has been punishing/thrilling guests ever since.

Queen Bee – Botton’s Pleasure Beach


(Image Credit: Botton’s Pleasure Beach website)

What happens when you mix a Big Apple with an inverted coaster? Yep, you get Queen Bee. Queen Bee opened in 2002. What makes this ride even more unique is the fact that it is the only one left operating in the world. Pinfari obviously wanted to create something just as popular as their Big Apple coaster so someone suggested inverting it. Unfortunately it would appear it wasn’t popular but it does mean we have a rare coaster cred in the country.

Ziggy’s Blast Quest – Milky Way Adventure Park


(Image Credit: Milky Way Adventure Park website)

Located in Devon, Ziggy’s Blast Quest is a Caripro Batflyer. There is only 3 of these operating in the world currently. Even more unique than that, this one has an added element of fun as its been fitted with an interactive shooting element. The coaster opened in 1992 under the name Clone Zone and the shooting element was added in 2019.

Mumbo Jumbo – Flamingo Land


Our second coaster from Flamingoland, Mumbo Jumbo opened in 2009. It was manufactured by S&S Sansei Technology and is the only coaster in the country currently manufactured by them. With its two inversions and small footprint, it is a rather unique coaster and it is quite a fun coaster to both ride and watch.

The Swarm – Thorpe Park


The Swarm opened in 2012 and is currently the UK’s only wing coaster. Built by Bolliger and Mabillard, this fun coaster features a very impressive first dive drop as well as soe awesome themeing. Its ride experience is  unique as unlike traditional coaster where you are either sat above or below the track, you are actually sat to the side of the track which makes for a very open ride experience.

Fforest Coaster – Zip World


(Image credit: Zip World Facebook)

The UK’s only operating Alpine Coaster makes the FForest Coaster. There was another in Stoke but it closed meaning this is a unique coaster. It opened in 2017 and was manufactured by Wiegand. Reaching speeds of up to 25 mph, you are sure to have fun zipping through the trees and the forest.

Avalanche – Blackpool Pleasure Beach


The UK’s only operating bobsled coaster Avalanche is both unique to look at and unique to ride. It opened in 1988 and is manufactured by Mack. Its seating position isn’t the most comfortable, but it does offer a more realistic bobsled experience.

Wipeout – Pleasurewood Hills


(Image Credit: Pleasurewood Hills Facebook)

The only operating Vekoma Boomerang in the UK, Wipeout offers a rather unique experience of both forward and backwards. Before anyone says anything, Yes Revolution also exists, but in comparison Wipeout is far more unique. It has 3 inversions and offers a more thrilling experience. It opened in 2007 and was actually relocated from the American Adventure Theme Park.

Ultimate – Lightwater Valley


(Image credit: Lightwater Valley Facebook)

When you think of think of unique coasters, you probably don’t automatically think of the Ultimate, but it is actually unique. The actual ride experience is that unique, but the coaster itself is. engineers from British Rail were involved in the building of this coaster. We could make some silly puns but we actually think this is kind of cool and different that it has to be on our list.

Tyrolean Tubtwist – Joyland Childrens Fun Park

This is probably the most unique coaster on out list. It appears on RCDB.com as operating, but it doesn’t appear on the Joyland wesbite, but we decided to include it. Its been operating since the 50s and is still open today. It is the only quasi-Virginia Reel in the world. It has spinning cars that follow a winding wooden track. Each tub is guided by 4 tyres that also help the tub to spin as you go along the track. It really is a very unique coaster,


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