The Pro’s and Con’s of Popular Scare Events – Part 2 – Pro’s

Welcome to part 2 of our Pro’s and Con’s of popular scare events blog post. Yesterday we looked at the con’s of attending the more popular events. Toay we are going to look the pro’s to attending these events and hopefully lift the lid on why they have become so popular. I’m going to get straight into this. A lot of the more popular events have, over the years, built up a reputation and a loyal fan base. They’ve done this in a variety of different ways, from having amazing attractions to celebrity sponsorship to big name IP’s. Usually the more famous faces will get invited free and ask to promote the place on social media. Having someone who is famous promote your event is a sure fire way to get people there, and Tulleys Shocktoberfest, Thorpe Park and Xtreme Scream Park and Scare Kingdom know this. Every year they usually host a media event and you can imagine the reaction the events get. Being a popular event means you can easily get these celebrity endorsements meaning you are more likely to become even more popular as guests will want to see what the fuss is about. Plus it means people may get the chance to see a famous person.

When an event does become more popular, it usually means the attractions become bigger and we don’t just mean in size. Their showmanship really explodes and they really go above and beyond to bring a high class scare experience. I’m going to use Tulleys again as an example. Wastelands Peniteniary opened last year and wow, its visually stunning. From the moment you head down towards the the entrance of this maze you begin to get immersed in the Wastelands. The facade is huge, in your face and so photogenic. Its a whopper of an attraction and inside its just as visually exciting and the maze itself was easily a top 5 of 2019 for many people. They obviously invested a lot of money they’ve earned over previous halloween seasons and from their other outlets. Being a popular event it means they can invest more into their attractions.

Some of the more popular events will even use IP’s to help brand their attarctions. Thorpe Park have previously used Lionsgate branding and Halloween Horror Nights obviously uses a lot of the Universal IP’s. These can also help a place become more popular as people will have heard of the names of the mazes will think to themselves “I love that film so would be pretty cool to experience it.” But it isn’t just the major IP’s that draw people to an event. It could be that the event itself has such a huge name already that it just sells itself. Traumatica at Europa Park seems to be one of these. If you are a scare attraction fan or a theme pak fan you will have heard of Traumatica. There has been no real advertising for the event in the UK except on some review platforms, yet many acknowledge it as one of the better scare events in Europe.

Being a popular event has its advantages and disadvantages and overall most cope really well with both and have found a balance that works for them. Yes we’d love to see a few changes but realistically it doesn’t really take to much away from how impressive these big boys are and how awesome their events actually are.


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