You Might Be A Fan of Scares If…

Everyone has their own hobbies. Some knit, some excercise and then there is some who like to be scared. But how can you tell your a scare attraction fan. Well, luckily for you, we have experience in knowing the signs and thought we would share them with you so you can decide if your one of them.

You Plan Roadtrips

This one is a bit obvious, but if you start to plan roadtrips for October to fit in as many scare events as possible than this is a pretty obvious sign that you might enjoy them. You will spend hours planning out what day you will do it and if you can fit more than one event into one evening and even right down to what snacks and entertainment you will eat and watch. Usually by the time October actually arrives, your plans will have chaned about 100 times and you will never usually end with the same itinerary as you originally started with, but that’s part of the fun.


Out Of Season Spooks

You crave scares outside of the Halloween period so you start to look for the year round attractions or the seasonal attractions. Luckily, the UK has some fabulous year round and seasonal attractions to wet the apetite of any scare fan. From the year round Dungeon attractions to seasonal attractions like Valenterror and Christmassacre, there is always something to do. Plus with events like Zombie Infection, you can always get your scare on running away from zombies.


You Want To Know Everything

You want to know everything about scares. You will follow every scream event you can think of on social media just for any glimmer of news. You will look into past attractions that scream parks have had and wish you could have experienced them. You will start to follow actors, podcasts, bloggers, vloggers, anything to just give you a hit of of something spooky. This comes in handy for any quizzes, which I can confirm from personal experience.


Other possible signs include shouting at the screen when you favourite attraction/event isn’t nominated for SCAR’s, You attend HorrorCon and ScareCON and other scare/scary related conventions, you start buying anything and everything Halloween related and the most obvious sign is, you come out of a scare attraction with the biggest smile on your face and feel at home.

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