SCAR Awards Predictions

The annual SCAR award nominatons were officially revealed last week by ScareCON and like we always do every year we try to predict who wins and of course, this year is no exception. The only thing different for us is that this year its harder to predict who could win due to the high standards of each nomination but we have done it. Weve colour coded our names too so its easier to see who thinks what.

Best Set and Design

The Attic: Terror of the Towers – Alton Towers – Dan

Creek Freak Massacre – Thorpe Park – Amber

Phobia Rebirth – Fear at Avon Valley

Darkest Depths – Alton Towers – Dane, Dom, Pagan

Wastelands Penitentiary – Tulleys Shocktoberfest

Amphibious – Terror Island

Best Costume and Make Up

Wolf Pack – Traumatica – Dom, Amber

Darkest Depths – Alton Towers – Dan, Pagan, Dane

Hammer House of Horror – Screamland

La Isla Maldita – Port Aventura

Snuffhouse 86 – Nightmare Realm

Hillbilly Joes Zombie Zoo – Screamfest Burton

Best Original Concept and Design

Killer Clowns on a Spaceship – Dr Frights Halloween Nights – Pagan, Dan

Carvinal – Frightmare

Battle Royale – Horrorland – Amber

Writers Block – Scare Me

Arachnophobia – PrimEVIL – Dane

Hillbilly Joes Zombie Zoo – Screamfest Burton – Dom

Best Scene/Set Piece

Revolving Room – Circus of Terror – PrimEVIL

Church Scene – Scaresville – Dom

Lift – Christmassacre – Walsall Scare Maze – Dan, Amber

Teddy Bear – Cabin in the Woods – Horrorland

Fire Ending – Coven of 13 – Tulleys Shocktoberfest

The Basement – The Abducted – Cursed – Dane, Pagan

Best Out of Season Attraction

Valenterror – Scare Kingdom Scream Park

YuleTide Terror – Yorkshire Scare Grounds

Scream Camp – Dan, Pagan, Amber

Darkfield Festival – Dane

My Bloody Valentines – Scream Factory

Christmassacre – Walall Scare Maze – Dom

Best Year Round Attraction

London Bridge Experience – Dom

Pasaje Del Terror Blackpool

Jack the Ripper Walk of Terror

London Dungeon

Le Manoir De Paris

Alton Towers Dungeon – Pagan, Dane, Amber, Dan

Best Zombie Experience

Black Death Zombie Experience

Z – Med

Zombie Infection – Dan, Dane, Pagan, Amber, Dom

Zombie Nightmare

Zombie Uprising

End of Days Events

Best New Scary Room Escape

Catacombs – Room Escape Southend

Nerve Klinik – Break Escape – Dom, Dan

Escape from Satan’s Grotto – XScream Escapes – Amber

Abigail – Trapp’d

Carnevil – Panic Room Harlow – Pagan

The Basement – Escape Time – Dane

Best Street Team and Entertainment

Horrorland – Dom


Tulleys Shocktoberfest

The Howl at Open Farm

Fear at Avon Valley – Amber, Pagan, Dane, Dan

Broadwitch Hauntfest

Best New Event/Attraction

Terror Island – Dom

Scream Camp – Dan, Pagan

Phobia Newcastle

Old Market Scare

Fright Nights – National Justice Museum – Dane

Them Below – XScream Events – Amber

Best European Independent Event

Scare Me – Amber, Dan, Dom

Scream Nights Germany – Dane

Maison Du Tourment – Pagan

HalloweenNights NL


Nightmare Realm

Best Theme Park Event

Port Aventura Halloween

Thorpe Park Fright Nights – Amber

Alton Towers Scarefest – Dom, Dane, Pagan, Dan

Halloween Nights Walibi Holland

Oakwood Spooktacular

Chessington Howl’o’ween

Best Multi Part Scream Event

Scare Kingdom Scream Park – Dan

Scream Factory

Horror at Hinchingbrooke House – Dom


Fear Fest Evil – Amber

Psycho Path – Dane, Pagan

Best Scream Park

Horrorland – Pagan, Dom

Fear at Avon Valley

York Maze Hallowscream

Tulleys Shocktoberfest

Dr Frights Halloween Nights

Traumatica – Dan, Dane, Amber

Best Halloween Maze

Them Below – XScream Events

I’Scream – Psycho Path

The Attic – Alton Towers – Pagan, Dane, Dan

Wastelands Penitentiary – Tulleys Shocktoberfest – Amber

Killer Clowns on a Spaceship – Dr Frights – Dom

Creepy Caves After Dark – Chessington

Brotherhood – Screamland

Hob’s Revenge – Pleasurewood Chills








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