LGBT+ Meet Up!

In a normal world, today would have been the day we would have announced something special but due to the current situation around the world with the Coronavirus, and the theme parks being closed for the foreseeable, we can’t really fully announce it anymore. But I still wanted to share with you what the announcement was going to be and what we are currently looking at.

So, we were going to host our first theme park meet up. We wanted it to be an LGBT theme park enthusiast meet up. We wanted to bring together everyone together to help people make friends with other people in the both communities. It was going to be held at Thorpe Park on Saurday 23rd May but obviously this will no longer be happening. We just wanted to bring members of the UK LGBT+ theme park community together for a day of fun and to be there to help support each other. It wasn’t going to be anything too serious, just a nice relaxed day.

But because we don’t know what the current situation is with the parks, we doubt that this will now actually go ahead on this date. Its sad, but we have to be realistic about it. At the moment we still really want to make an LGBT+ theme park community meet happen, we just don’t know when we can now do it. We will be keeping an eye on the situation. If the parks decide that they will only open towards the later end of the year, than we may actually end up hosting an LGBT+ theme park Halloween event meet up, which could be quite fun.

Even though the meet isn’t currently happening it’s still a good idea to help support each other as a community both LGBT and theme park/scare! There is a wonderful LGBT theme park group on Facebook called LGBTQIA+ Coaster & Amusement Park Enthusiasts who has members from all over the world and between you and me, the group is awesome and the admins are just lovely. Within the scare industry there are many supports of the LGBT community, especially us, who will always be here to help anyone who needs anything.

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