How We Met

As part of our birthday celebrations, we are celebrating us, which sounds super selfish I know. We kind of wanted to give everyone an insight in who we all are and I guess the best place to start is how we all met. I guess PSG owes everything to TowersTimes/SouthParks. Dan, Dom and Amber were all active members of their forum. It was at their second summer that Dom met Amber. She literally hasn’t changed at all in the 4/5/6 (I’ve lost track) years i’ve known her. She has always been really outgoing and loud and bubbly and it was an instant connection. We had a laugh at the event and then decided to meet up again at Thorpe later that year. We had fun and our friendship has been bonkers ever since. I started PSG 3 years ago. Originally it was to be camp reviews of theme parks and it was just called something really crap that I can’t remember. I basically said in passing to Amber if she would like to help me and PSG kind of was born from there. Amber started visiting more scare attractions and I had found a love for them too, so scare attractions started to become our main focus.

Amber went and attended ScareCON where she met Dan. They became friends and even started acting at Xtreme Scream Park where she met Dan. Dan is a very skilled scare actor and he fully immerses himself in each role, and Amber was quick to convince Dom about him joining the team. Dom and Dan finally met last year after being in touch for about 6 months through PSG and had dinner and chatted scares.

Dan and Pagan met at Xtreme (Dan thinks) or when they both got drunk. Neither can actually remember so we are going to assume they were drunk. Dom and Pagan have technically met but not officially met. It was actually Dan who suggest Pagan join the team as a fellow actor to help review and give us a fellow actors perspective. Dom has seen Pagan act in an attraction but that’s as far as it goes so far. Amber and Pagan met at Xtreme Scream Park where they were both acting.

Dan met Dane through Tinder and they have basically been inseperable since. Dan has introduced Dane to immersive theatre and because they do things together, and are also super cute together, it seemed right for Dane to join the team as he would be featured with Dan alot. He met Pagan at a game of Hvrting but Dom and Amber are yet to meet Dane and this whole Coronavirus situation hasn’t helped, but when its all over we will all get together and have a laugh.

In the now 3 years we’ve been doing this, we’ve never all be at the same place and the same time. We did have plans to all be at Alton Towers this year in March but they fell through due to the Coronavirus. But hopefully soon they will all meet.

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