Virtual Escape Rooms

One of our lovely followers on Facebook actually suggested this blog post and its a great idea especially given the current situation, everyone is getting bored and these online escape rooms are great way of passing the time. You actually take control of one of the hosts who plays the game. You tell them what to do, where to go and its up to you to solve the puzzles to escape. So without further ado, here is a list of everyone providing this kind of experience.

The Panic Room


The Panic Room, who have premises in both Harlow and Gravesend launched CSI: Grounded. Based on their popular game, CSI: Fatal Flight, people who experience this will have to solve a murder. The game includes audio, video and visual files that will be unlocked throughout the game. This ‘room’ launches on April 3rd and tickets can be pre-ordered now. Pre ordered tickets are £15 and normal tickets will be £20. Tickets can be purchased from The Panic Room website!

Room Escape Southend


The awesome guys at Room Escape Southend were one of the first to launch a virtual game with the aptly named The Virus. You control an artificial life form that was created by scientists to explore the source of the virus. Your aim, to find the cure! This ‘room’ has already launched. Tickets are £30 for up to 6 people (so could be £5 each if you have 6) and can be booked at the Room Escape Southend website.

11th Hour Escapes


They are offering a virtual version of their Victoria’s Last Challenge room. Using live-streaming via a video call on Whatsapp, you will take control of the owners themselves in the room. All you need to do is book through their website like normal but upon checkout enter the coupon code LIVESTREAM. They are offering a two player game for £20 and a four player game for £40. More information can be found on 11th Hour Escape Rooms website.  

Take The Exit


This one got announced earlier today. There new virtual room is called Silent Hillside. The game can be played by 1-3 players. You will have to investigate the Silent Hillside Hotel and solve puzzles to progress further in the story. Tickets are only £5.99. More information and to purchase you can visit the Take The Exit website.

As and when more become known, they will be added to this list. These are the ones we currently know about. We would love to try to do these rooms and we will be looking at doing (Even with our very terrible dial up like internet). If anyone else can, please do support escape rooms in any way you can, either by doing these virtual escapes or by buying gift cards and gift certificates.

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