Scare Maze Donts

Last night for some unknown reason I randomly started thinking about the annoying things the public do in scare mazes. As a guest I’m easily annoyed by others guests but it got me thinking about maze etiquette and what people do in scare mazes that really annoy!


God I hate this. People will go through a scare attraction and just keep stopping! Why? It’s not like you haven’t been warned it’s going to be scary. You stopping won’t make it any less scary. In fact, it’s making it less scary for everyone else. It makes the group potentially get bigger and generally just ruins it for everyone. Yes you may be scared, but the quicker you get out the quicker it won’t be scary.

Talking To Each Other

I’m guilty of this but it’s usually to point at something really cool in the set, but people talk a hell of a lot in scare attractions, especially when characters are talking. It’s probably just nerves, but it’s so annoying. It’s not even like they are trying to talk quietly either. Most are either talking to their friends or trying to talk to the actors. Its rude and just don’t do it.

Having Phones Out

Unless you’re media and have permission to film inside scare attractions, than guests shouldn’t have their phones out. Its that simple. Most actors won’t try to scare people who have their mobiles out. And those people who use the torches need a good slap. Its dark for a reason. Plus, if an actor accidentally breaks your phone, its your own fault!

Disrespecting Actors

The actors are there to try and scare you. You have piad to be scared, so why the hell are you disrespecting the actors. Its like someone coming into your job and starts calling you names because you are doing you job. Its not nice. Most actors are also judged like a piece of meat, especially the ones who are half naked. Just because they are doesn’t mean you should make comments to them. They have feelings too! Most people seem to forget that scare actors are people too. Just because they play dark characters doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings.

Attacking Actors

Yes, believe it or not this does happen and more times than you think. Actors get attacked by members of the public. Normlly its by men who get scared and lash out. Its completely unaccepptable to touch an actor in any manner and, quite rightly, you will be removed from the park so just don’t be a twat and keeps your hands to yourself.

Holding On To Each Other

Teenage girls are literally the worst when it comes to scare attractions. They go in in big groups, spend the entire time screaming, and when it comes to being split up they become super human and will hold each other like their lives depend on it hoping they won’t get split up. Normally most attractions will say guests will be split up in the safety talk, yet they always seem really surprised that its happening.

All of these are really annoying things to do in a scare attraction and people really need to stop doing them. Thank you for listening to our rant haha.








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