Our Favourite Smaller UK Park Coasters

We recently got thinking about coasters at the smaller UK parks. There are so many smaller parks that aren’t Merlin owned or Blackpool Pleasure Beach all with so many dfferent coasters. This got us thnking about what our favourite coaster is at a smaller park. So lets lay our favourites down.

Pagan – Antelope at Gullivers World


(Image credit: Visit Cheshire)

The only wooden coaster on our list, Antelope opened at Gullivers World in Warrington in 1995. Its certainly not the quickest coaster out there, especially in the corners where it seems to go a bit slow, but this coaster does provide some small moments of air time. Its simplistic layout is great for families and its a coaster that everyone can enjoy.

Dom – Kumali at Flamingo Land


Kumali is a weird one. Everyone knows B&M are the king of the inverted coaster and SLC are, well, rough, but there is something about Kumali that is just enjoyable without too much roughness. Its first drop is just stunning and really surprises you. The rest of the coaster is a constant barrage of excitement through the four of its inversions. Kumali opened in 2006.

Amber – Mumbo Jumbo at Flamingo Land


Another Flamingo Land coaster, Mumbo Jumbo opened in 2009. It features 2 inversions and its layout is….different. From a beyond vertical drop to outward banks to its strange shaped inversions. It takes up such a small foot print, but its one enjoyable coaster. The restraints can be slightly painful if they aren’t positioned correctly, but its a great coaster that is ideal for Flamingo Land.

Dane – Shockwave at Drayton Manor


(Image Credit: Drayton Manor)

The UK’s only stand up coaster, this Intamin coaster opened in 1994. It may have opened the same year as Nemesis and The Big One, this coaster seems to have cemented itself as a classic. It could be because its the only standing coaster in the UK. Most people confuse who built this coaster because of its similarities in track look to B&M’s. Featuring 4 inversions, its definitely one that is quite under rated.

Dan – Odyssey at Fantasy Island


(Image Credit: Fantasy Island)

Our second SLC on our list, Odyssey is a Marmite coaster. Some people love it, some people hate it and there really is no in-between. Reaching speeds of 62 mph, this inverted coaster hurtles you through 4 inversions. It is also the tallest inverted coaster to built by Vekoma.

So those our our favourite coasters from some of the UK’s smaller parks. With so many smaller parks to choose from, it was hard. Do you agree with our picks?


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