A Mini Scary Blackpool Roundup!

On Saturday our lovely Amber went to Blackpool wit Scare a Directory and did quite a small handful of scary things and instead of inundating you all with review after review after review, we thought it would be a good idea to condense all the Blackpool things into one simple blog review, so here goes….

Pasaje Del Terror

No visit to Blackpool would be complete without a visit to Pasaje Del Terror, and with thanks to Scare Directory, we got invited along for a visit to see what the new year had in store for them as it was their opening day. This is also another must visit when in the Blackpool area or seafront. I never tire of it either as things are always added or slightly tweaked or you don’t notice something from your previous visit and it’s definitely good value for money as well. We popped into Pasaje and as always it was on great form. It seemed like there was more actors in there than on previous visits. The acting was absolutely brilliant, from the team outside to the actors inside. The scenes and sets are fantastic and that prop room is incredible! I got some great scares as well. I was proper on edge the whole way round and leading the group as well which I’ve not done before. Another fantastic visit to Pasaje and thank you to the guys for the spooks and incredible scares to. We loved our visit to you. Next time we visit we will do a full on proper review as it turns out we haven’t done one yet 😱

Blackpool Tower Dungeon

So before all the madness of the evening we spent the day in Blackpool and Who doesn’t love a Dungeon attraction and this is my favourite one (Ambers opinion). Not much has really changed in here from when we last visited. It’s had a few tweaks in scenes and new scares and the new Viking show to. A few highlights from our visit, The judge was brilliant. He was fantastic and the comment about the lady’s jacket looking like a picnic blanket lol. The scares he gave in the mirror maze got me good too. The plague doctor is always a favourite of mine as she was good as well as the torturer. It was another fantastic visit to the Blackpool dungeon. I always love coming here when I’m in Blackpool. Thank you for the spooks and scares and can’t wait to come back again.


So yeah, we had a wonderful time visiting two of Blackpool’s best scares and we can’t wait to come back!

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