Park Pride Events

Pride events at theme parks seem to be growing in popularity with many parks in the US holding pride events as well as Disney holding some, so why hasn’t the UK jumped on this trend. Technically the UK have had a couple of events in 2006, In association with Gaydar, Alton Towers and Thorpe Park both held events, though they weren’t exactly pride events. So why have they not returned since? We aren’t exactly sure, but it made us think of this question, Should the UK hold pride events at theme parks?

Alton Towers seem to not hold that many events aimed outside at things outside their park, so chances are we won’t see one there, nor will we likely see one at Legoland or Chessington or Paultons, purely because there parks are more for younger kids and no one wants the drama that that will cause. Really, when it comes down to it, there are really only two parks that could potentially hold a pride event without to much compaints, Thorpe Park and Blackpool. Out of the two, I can actually see Blackpool jumping on a pride event first. Amanda Thompson seems pretty down to earth and seems in touch with what is happening and makes sure Blackpool Pleasure Beach reacts to trends and things that would be a huge positive for the park, which a pride event would be.

From a theme park enthusiast point of view, an event that accepts me completely, geek and pride sides both coming to play would feel like heaven. I can see it now, drag queens on coasters, a parade around the park with rainbows everywhere and people just living their best life all wit a camp as hell soundtrack. It would feel special to the community and I think it would do wonders at bringing the LGBT theme park community closer. I mean, we have had to put up with a lot of heterosexual things like Love Island Lates and the advertising campaigns on tv and social media that I think its time that they started to embrace everyone more.

That being said, I don’t actually think the parks need to hold an event. Pride is a protest. Its about standing up and wanting to be treated equally and although the parks don’t do this in an advertising way, the one place where I think everyone is accepted and treated the same is at a theme park. The last thing the LGBT+ community needs is another brand using the rainbow as a way of getting to those pink pounds and using a fight for equality as a way of making money. Most pride events are free to enjoy and so having one at a theme park would immediately be seen as money grabbing and given how volatile the world is with regards to everything, its probably safer for the parks to stick to the hetero stuff.

As great as it would be to have a pride event, it really would not have as much of an impact as it probably could have, which is a shame. I guess, for now, they will just be a place where people can go to have fun.


  1. I agree. A pride event would be great at all the merlin parks, and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Means we can have fun as well as enjoying ourselves at the parks,


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