I Want Merch

Who doesn’t love a bit of merch! Be it a mug or a pin badge merchandise is always something to have a nose at and every start of the season I always have a look around the shops to spot anything new and exciting. Most of the time I do feel a bit let down by the array on offer. Even at scare events that sell merch, the selection is a bit slim and usually doesn’t have anything really exciting. So it got me thinking about what merchandise I would love to see at both theme parks and scare events. Lets start with the theme parks.

Theme Park

Theme park merchandise is usually alright, especially if you love a mug, lanyard or pin badge, but other than those and a few magnets, keyrings and clothing, there isn’t anything great. Yes we all love a plush and the vast amount of sweets on offer also, but I want more. The funny thing is there is an obvious piece of merch they should be selling, especially considering they already sell them, just not park related, and that is posters. Many enthusiasts would love a nice poster they can stick up on their wall, especially those that are still in school. Something that came into the merch scene and then disappeared and has started to come back is model of ride trains. Thorpe and Alton had these for Swarm and Rita, but they stopped selling them and Blackpool now seem to have jumped on this and have started to sell models for some of their rides (Though these seem really expensive). In regards to Halloween events at parks, I would love to see some more of this merchandise. Scarefest and Fright Nights (Those being the only two theme parks I went to last year) had a nice selection but it wasn’t that big. It would be nice if these were expanded a little with a few more diverse and interesting pieces. Its also been great seeing more parks embrace the idea of selling ride parts. Again, Blackpool has been doing this for a while, but it was nice to see Alton Towers sell Wicker Man Wood (Eye roll). I will also openly admit that i’m coming round to the Merlin gnomes. I used to really hate them and think they were stupid but I have started to think that they are different and kind of funky. Another idea i’ve just had for Alton Towers is selling ride themed golf balls that could be available to purchase from the Extraordinary Golf. Some minigolf places sell themed ones and they are a bit quirky.

Scare Events

From the bottom of my heart, please can all scare events start offering merchandise. I would love to start a pin badge collection of scare attractions, or collect lanyards or mugs. Tulleys Shocktoberfest had a small selection of branded merchandise last year and I couldn’t help but buy one of their limited edition T-shirts but I would love to see the range expand and for other events to start selling some kind of branded merch. The Dungeon attractions already sell branded merch and I love it. Its my favourite Merlin line of merchandise and I always end up coming away with something. Whilst we understand that most scare events would prefer to spend their money on their attractions (and rightly so), It would be nice if they could also maybe offer a small selection of merchandise. PLEASE!


Whilst most theme park’s merchandise range is quite wide and varied, there is still some bits they could and should have in their range. Weird and quirky and different things sell because people haven’t seen them. The same for scare attractions. Do something different. You never know what might happen.


As a thank you to the people who read our blog, we have hidden this competition in this blog post. All you need to do to enter is comment or reply on social media to the post linking to this blog with the comment #Scream to be entered. Winner will this Dungeon Lanyard. Competition closes Saturday 15th February and winner will be contacted after. Image below is the lanyard that you will win!



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