Room Escape Southend – The Catacombs Review


With Amber and other people raving about Room Escape Southend, it was finally time for me to go and experience for myself what they had to offer. We did the two rooms they currently have, The Forgotten Tomb and their brand new scary room, The Catacombs. We have reviewed The Forgotten Tomb before, so I won’t be reviewing it, but what I will say is it is very difficult and you have to be prepared to work hard mentally for it.


(Photo credit: Room Escape Southend Facebook)

(We were allowed to hold the skull despite not escaping)

After The Forgotten Tomb, we sat in their reception and had a chat with Wayne and Floyd and the rest of the team and then it was time to enter the The Catacombs. (Side note, it’s amazing how how much peril Southend is actually in). A catacomb had been discovered and it was haunted by an evil spirit and we had to banish the evil spirit. I will give you 1 spoiler. The room is pitch black and you need to use these small lanterns to light up everything. The theming inside is simple yet very effective and works really well for the room. The puzzles are mixed. There are some easy and some difficult ones and they all work very well altogether and at one point we all had to work together to do one puzzle!


This room is also a scary room so you are joined at some points by the evil spirit who will scare the shit out of you. We genuinely screamed a few time and I think I even fell backwards onto my butt as I attempted to go through something and was confronted by the spirit. I may have screamed too.


(Photo credit: Room Escape Southend Facebook)

Like normal we won’t go into full detail about the puzzles or anything else that happens in the room as it’s still active, so this review is short. We’d like to thank the whole team at Room Escape Southend for a wonderful time and we can’t wait to be back!

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