2019’s New Additions

There is actually quite a lot of new things opening in 2020 for the UK theme park industry, that it can sometimes be a bit hard to keep on top of what is coming. But do not fear, we are here to help. We are going to list everything new that we know is happening for 2020 so you can have it all in one place!

The World of David Walliams –

Alton Towers

Alton Towers will be inviting us to jump into the pages of the books by David Walliams in 2020. This retheme of the Cloud Cuckoo Land area of the park will see the addition of a new dark ride called Gangsta Granny: The Ride. The area will also have rides that have been rethemed to match this new area such as Raj’s Bouncy Bottom Burp and Royal Carousel.  At the moment there is no official opening date other than Spring 2020. More information can be found on the Alton Towers website.

Tornado Springs – Paultons Park

(Image Credit: Paultons Park Twitter)

My local park, Paultons Park have spent a lot of money on becoming the UK’s number 1 family park, and they aren’t slowing down. New for 2020 is Tornado Springs. Themed to an American Mid Western desert resort town, this new area will feature 6 rides including the new spinning coaster Storm Chaser. It will also feature a tractor ride, drop towers, a gyro swing, a driving academy and the rethemed water slide. Its all set to open in May 2020! More Information on Tornado Springs can be found on the Paultons Park Website.

New Coaster – Flamingo Land

(Image Credit: Flamingo Land Facebook)

This as yet unnamed coaster will be arriving at Flamingo Land in 2020. Its a clone of Colossus coaster at Thorpe Park, Looking at the construction pictures that have circulated on social media, it looks like its being built next to Velocity, the parks launched motorbike coaster. We don’t have an opening date yet unfortunately. More information can be found on the Flamingoland Website.

Turbulence – Fantasy Island

(Image Credit: Fantasy Island social media)

Recently Fantasy Island teased on social media that they were getting a new ride. They have now revealed that it will be a Zierer Star Shape called Turbulence. This flat ride apparently combines two of its old rides, Amazing Confusion and Beast Beware into one ride that will help the park celebrate its 25th birthday. As well as this, they announced on social media that The Frisbee will also be leaving the park but they have another announcement due. Once we know, we shall also update. More information can be found on the Fantasy Island website.

DUPLO Dino Coaster – Legoland Windsor


The worlds first DUPLO themed ride, the DUPLO Dino Coaster will be opening in Spring 2020 an will be perfect for those first time coaster riders. It will be in the DUPLO Valley area of the park. As well as the new kiddie coaster, Legoland have also revealed that Atlantis Submarine Voyage has undergone a rebrand to Deep Sea Adventure. The park has also confirmed that the rebranded version will be open when the park opens for the first day of the season on 13th March. More information about the DUPLO Dino Coaster can be found on the Legoland Windsor wesbite.

The Rainforest – Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington will be introducing a small land called The Rainforest. This small area will feature ‘3 big adventures’. A new mini log flume called River Rafts. a retheme and reduction in size of Toadies Crazy Cars that will be called Jungles Rangers, and of course, Treetop Hoppers. Also opening in 2020 is the relocation and retheme of Flying Jumbos. It will be called Elmer’s Flying Jumbo’s and will be rethemed to beloved childrens book Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. More information can be found on the Chessington website.

At the moment, this is all that has currently been announced for the UK theme parks that is new. This list will be updated as and when things get announced, that is, if there is any more new things to parks. We can’t wait to try all of these out at some point!


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