Embracing Our Glitter

Unless you’ve not been paying attention, we have a side to us called Glitter. We don’t fully embrace our glitter side that much, mainly because the Parks and Scares sides take up most of our time. We have decided to start doing a Glitter related post once a month. Our Glitter side represents our LGBT+ side in case you hadn’t guessed.

Growing up gay, You kind of get used to putting a wall up. You know that at some point you will be called something horrible and you are constantly on edge when out at night for fear of being attacked. I hadn’t really had any homosexual friends until I got into theme parks and started being active on TowersTimes/SouthParks. This little community felt safe and accepting. As time went on I went to their events, made some great friends, both straight and gay and i’ve really begun to embrace my rainbow self.

At the same time, social media started becoming a more active thing in my life and a gay community on social media erupted onto my timeline as I started to follow more LGBT people on Twitter. Doing this I began to realise that I had been living a pretty sheltered life. There was so much hate towards to the LGBT community. People being attacked, imprisoned and even killed because of who they were. It was terrifying and heartbreaking to see. It made me really appreciate more the little family I had within the theme park community.

Time has moved on and the world became a bit more accepting. I’m now seeing couples holding hands in public. I’ve noticed it more at theme parks. Its kind of nice knowing that other people are able to see theme parks the way you do. I see them as somewhere I can be myself and somewhere I go just to escape the real world.

The funny thing is that the scare community has been nothing but accepting. It has more positive role models than the theme park community does. They inspire people to be the real them, not matter what. As its a smaller community than the theme park one, it was always going to be more supportive and accepting towards to the LGBT community and with role models both LGBT and straight, its just a community thats full of love for everyone.

This is where I want PSG to come in. I noticed on social media that there wasn’t really a fan site/page representing the UK LGBT theme park community openly. Yes there are outside groups who organise meet ups at parks like All Together, a social media group tackling LGBT loneliness by hosting get togethers, but there wasn’t really anyone within the community willing to be so open. I don’t wan’t PSG to just be one of these pages that does something without a real reason other than enjoying something we talk about. I want PSG to become a beacon of hope and safety for LGBT members of the community. With this in mind, I would like to announce that we will be looking at hosting a meet up for members of the UK LGBT theme park community. It will be our version of a pride event but instead of a parade, we just get together and enjoy some fun at a theme park. More details will be released in the future so keep yours eyes peeled!


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