Scary Valentines

Valentines isn’t usually a time where scares get thought about. Its about love, romance and couples. For single people, and those who don’t do the whole lovey dovey bullshit, its a bit of a crap time. Luckily for you, Valentines also means scares. Yep, you heard me corrrectly, SCARES! A couple of scare attractions and scream parks open for the love season.



Of course these guys open for Valentines. Their Valenterror event has been running for a couple of years now and has always provided a spooky alternative to date night. This years event is on Saturday 15th February and will host three attractions. MONSTERmortis – Blackout, Body Snatchers – Roo Pauline’s Dungeons and Drag Queens and Psychomanteum – SPEED Date! MONSTERmortis will once again play home to their traditional Valentines glow stick maze (Yes that’s all you’re getting about it). Scare Kingdom will be open from 6:30pm until 9:30pm and tickets are available to purchase from Scare Kingdom’s website.


Bloody Valentines returns in 2020. Hosting 3 attractions, its set to be another spooky love day in Yorkshire! Opening for 3 nights, Friday 14th – Suday 16th February, this special event will see 3 scare attractions open. Undead On Arrival – Medical Nightmares, Hotel Transylvania – Love Bites and from what we can tell from their Facebook events, Factory of Freaks! Unloved (TBC)! will all be open for the duration of this love is in the scare event. Tickets and more information can be found at Yorkshire Scare Grounds website!



Scream Factory returns for Valentines with My Bloody Valentines and features a whopping 9 scare zones. These are all returning from thei Halloween event, but with a bit of a Valentines twist. Starting at The Abattoir, you will make your way through all 9 zones and you will finish at Fool’s Court. Their new Aftershock bar area will also be open. The event will only be running for two nights, the 14th and 15th February. Tickets and more information can be found at Scream Factory’s website.



On February 15th, Pasaje Del Terror will be reopening along with Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It may not get the Valentines treatment like some other scare places, but Pasaje Del Terror still remains THE best scare attractions Blackpool. I know many theme park geeks will be descending on Blackpool Pleasure Beach that weekend, and many of them love a good scare, which is why we are including it in our list of Valentines scares. Tickets and more information can be found at Pasaje Del Terror’s Website! 

Other than the attractions mentioned above, the majority of the Dungeon attractions will also be open, bar the Alton Towers Dungeon. As well as that, The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs will also be open as well as all the scary themed escape rooms around the UK!



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