New Year Honours

We wanted to start 2020 with something positive and after a bit of thought we came up with the idea of doing our version of The Queen’s New Year Honours, except without the MBE’s, OBE’s and knighthoods. This led us to another problem. What and who do we honour and how. This led us to throwing about some ideas and we’ve settled with basically treating it like a mini awards but without any actual awards. We agreed that we would keep it UK too as Liseberg would have won all the theme park ones otherwise. So without further ado, here are our New Year Honours!

Theme Park Of The Year!

Thorpe Park

Roller Coaster Of The Year

Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Flat Ride Of The Year

Hangover at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Dark Ride Of The Year

Hex At Alton Towers

Water Ride Of The Year

Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Scare Attraction Of The Year

Wastelands Peniteniary at Tulleys Shocktoberfest

Scare Experience Of The Year

Scream Camp

Scare Actor Of The Year

Jake Jones

Best/Worst Smell Of The Year

Best – Wicker Man Station at Alton Towers

Worst – Vomit Smell in Darkest Depths at Alton Towers Scarefest

Room Escape Of The Year

Room Escape Southend

Scare Company Of The Year

Atmosfear! Scare Entertainment

Halloween Event Of The Year

Terror Island

PSG Special Scare 


LGBT+ Scare Community Member Of The Year

Matthew Trixie Lee from Walsall Scare Maze


It was really tough to decide on these and we have been discussing it since Boxing Day about who should be honoured in our list. There were so many wonderful people, attractions, parks and ride to consider that it really was hard. Our results don’t mean that any attraction is less deserving, its just this is who we feel excelled this year for us!