Who Says Scares Are Just For Halloween

Now that scare season is over, i’m sure you are like us and twiddling your thumbs waiting for next year, but fear not scare fans. Believe it of not Christmas can be scary. With seasonal scare attractions becoming more popular, the scares can continue. So with that in mind, we now take a look at a few festive frights.

Yuletide Terror

On 13th,14 and 15th December, Yorkshire Scare Grounds will be bringing the festive frights with the return of Yuletide Terror. Located in Wakefield, Yorkshire Scare Grounds will bring 3 scare attractions to life. Krampus, Bad Santa’s Banged Up and Twisted Toy Factory. Jack’s Bar will also be open for anyone who needs some dutch courage. As well as that there will be street food and roaming actors to warm your chestnuts. Tickets cost £16.00 excluding delivery costs. For more info and to buy tickets, you can visit the Yorkshire Scare Grounds Website.

Christmas FestEvil

On Friday 13th December, Scare Kingdom will be celebrating the season with Christmas FestEvil. This event has been running for a few years now. Scare Kingdom will have 3 attractions to offer, Manormortis – The 13th Night of Christmas, Body Snatchers – Grand Guignol and Psychomanteum – Bloody Fucking Christmas. Tickets are £13.00 plus £1.50 booking fee. For more information and to buy tickets you can visit Scare Kingdom’s Website.

Back To Terror

Shepton Mallet Prison will be embracing 80s horror with 144 different movies with an immersive walkthrough show culminating with a 70s ending! Running on 19th, 20th and 21st December, this 40 minute event will fill all those retro stockings. Tickets are £15.00. For more information and to book tickets you can visit Shepton Mallet Prisons website!


Walsall Scare Maze will be bringing Christmasacre. Running for 6 night, 13th and 14th December and 19th-22nd December, it’s not one to be missed. Tickets cost £9.50 with a £1 booking fee. For more Information and tickets you can visit the Walsall Scare Maze website!


Faceless Ventures X will be returning this year with Unwrapped. This 45 minute ‘sequence of chaos’ (their words) be on for one night only on the 7th December. This event will contain mild contact. For more information and tickets visit the Faceless Ventures website!

Zombie Infection: The Prison

A one of Christmas event by Zombie Infection, this 5 hour, fully immersive experience at Shepton Mallet Prison will have you running and screaming from zombies. It will only be running on the 21st December and tickets cost £129.99! More information and to book tickets, visit the Zombie Infection Website!

That’s all that I am currently aware off in regards to festive Frights but if anymore get announced they will be added to this blog post!

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