We Wish We Had Got To Ride These 5 Rides At Alton Towers!

I was bored at work today and when I get bored I usually end up on the TowersTimes/SouthParks Forum. Reading through the history part, I’ve come to realise that Alton Towers had many, many, many rides that I wish I could have got to experience. My first visit was in 2002 (Dan, Amber and Pagan may be different), but that doesn’t mean I got on everything before they closed. So here is 5 rides and attractions that I wish I had got to experience

Doom and Sons


Of course this would be number 1. For those that don’t know, it was basically a walk through ghost house aka a scare attraction! Yes, one could argue thaat Alton Towers first ever ‘scare attraction’ was Doom and Sons. It opened in 1981 and it was open year round too, so you could have scares every visit! The theming on it, looking at pictures, was insanely good and I am so glad it lasted 11 years at the park before closing in 1992.

Mississippi Showboat


It was a fun house on an American paddle steamer! It opened in 1985 and from the outside you would see it as a paddle steamer. You would probably even go as far as thinking it was just some boring attraction that your parents would like if they weren’t into rides. But once you went inside, it turns into this fun house with all sorts of fun things like spinning tunnels and moving floors. It was only in operation for 7 years before it closed at the end of the 1991 season.

Thunder Looper


The first coaster on this list, Thunder Looper is one of the more iconic coasters to have left the park. Opening in 1990, this Schwarzkopf shuttle loop, weight drop launched coaster gave guests a quick, but thoroughly enjoyable experience as they shot into a loop, up the other side only to drop backwards back down and through the loop again, It may have only been a quick ride, but it became a huge hit for the park. Unfortunately due to it being seen over the treetops and its loudness, the ride closed in 1996.

Alton Mouse


Out of the other coasters that I never got to experience before they left the park, it was hard to choose which one should be included. They all looked to be more family friendly and equally as enjoyable, but I chose Alton Mouse for a couple of reasons. The first is I get unintentional Disney vibes from it, purely because of the name, which is funny. Secondly, the cars look hilarious. Like tacky hilarious. The cars look so sad but at the same time they look super cute. And thirdly, the princess of pop, Kylie Minogue rode it! If that isn’t a fabulous enough reason to have wanted to ride it than I don’t see what is!

Around The World In 80 Days


The last ride on our list, Around the world in 80 days was the original dark ride at Alton Towers. You set on a boat journey around the world with Phileas Fog and went through many different scenes. It opened in 1981 and closed in 1993 when it got rethemed to Toyland Tours and most of the sets were ripped out and replaced. To this day, the boat ride is still at the park, though only some of it is used, as part of the Alton Towers Dungeon.

Those are 5 of the rides and attractions that I never got to experience. Other notable mentions are of course Corkscrew, Black Hole, Submission, Ripsaw, Twirling Toadstool, Nemesis Sub Terra, The Flume, Spaceboat, Dynamo, The Beast, 1001 Nights, 4 Man Bob and Tristar. All of these past attractions will be remembered by different generations for different reasons. If this blog post shows us anything its that parks need to continue to regenerate themselves. Rides will come and go but the memories of them will last a life time!

We also want to say a huge thank you to TowersTimes for giving us permission to use their photos in this blog post. All the images featured in this blog post are from their website and links to their website are above.

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