Excited For Spooks!

Last week, we asked on our social media accounts what Scare attractions people are most excited for. The response we had has been phenomenal. Thank you to everyone who commented. Here is why people said!

@Thejoysequence – “I’m highly intrigued for Scarefest’s Darkest Depths because I’m very interested in coming face to face with legendary creatures of the the deep!”

Adventures With Aliens – “Think ours is York Maze Hallowscream. First time we had been last year, but was fantastic!”

@TomBirkett – “Probably Paradise Foundation at Scare Kingdom for me, super creepy concept and love a bit of story. Very excited for the return of Terror of the Towers at Alton Towers however!”

@sophisticoaster – “Ghostbusters at Halloween Horror Nights. I’m just really curious to how they’re going to do it”

Scare Directory (https://scare.directory) “I’m particularly looking forward to Scream Factory. We had a fabulous time when we first visited earlier in the year for their My Bloody Valentine (https://scare.directory/scream-factory-my-bloody-valentine-2019/) event. With their latest social media posts hinting that it’s going to be bigger and better than previous years I really can’t wait to see how Scream Factory deliver a full on Halloween event”

Sam Blam Brooked – The Village at Xtreme Scream Park

Such a wide variety of options! If you want to be added to this, just pop us over a message with what your excited for and why and you will be added to this, and thank you to everyone who has submitted so far!

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