Halloween 2019 – What We Know So Far Part 2

With scare season only a few months away, scream parks and scare attractions have slowly started to announce their line ups for this year. A few weeks ago we brought you an update of which attractions had already announced their line ups. Here is part two. Please bear in mind that this only covers things we have seen announcements for.


Frightmare released information about their attractions over seven nights, revealing one thing a night. This year there will be 6 scare attractions and an old time funfair. The scare attractions this year are: Carnival, Haunted Hayride, Wonderland, Seance, Caged and The Offering. More information and tickets can be found at Frightmare’s Website.

(Photos taken from the Frightmare Facebook page)

Xtreme Scream Park

Xtreme Scream Park announced their line up on one big swoop by announcing it all in one single image. This year sees the return of the award winning The Village, and attractions Hoodoo Voodoo, Ash Hell Penitentiary, Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa and The Pie Factory. New for 2019 is The Rocky Circus Big Top. Tickets and more information can be found at Xtreme Scream Park’s Website.


(Image taken from the Xtreme Scream park Facebook Page)

Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park

They have announced five attractions for their line up this year so far. Clown Asylum, Hotel Hell Undead Vacation, Witchcraft Bloody Mary, The Sewer Mutation and A.I. Artificial Intelligence Programmed to Kill will be part of the line up along with new animatronics. Tickets can be booked on the Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park website.

(Images taken from the Yorkshire Scare Grounds Facebook page)

After Dark at Driffield Showground

A new event for 2019, After Dark will take place on the 25th and 26th of October. It will feature 3 main attractions, Outpost 42, The Convent and Old Stinker. Tickets and more information can be found at the After Dark website

(Images taken from the After Dark Facebook page)

The Cursed Presents Fright Fest

This scream park in Essex will feature 5 attractions this year. Safe Zone, The Sewers, The Institute, The Haunting and Abducted are all providing the scares this year. More information and tickets are available from the Cursed Website.

(Images taken from the Cursed Facebook page)

Fear Island

Fear Island have slowly been announcing their attractions for this years Fear Island. Featuring 4 attractions and 4 scare mazes, Fear island is set to be a good event, The 4 mazes are DisturbIAM, Torchure, The House of Voodoo and Psycho Vault. The 4 attractions are Voodoo Bay, Mambo, Wicked Witches Show and Circus of Screams. More information and tickets can be brought from the Fantasy Island website.

(Images taken from the Fantasy Island Facebook Page)

Tid bits

Dr Frights Halloween Nights have announced their first attraction, Killer Clowns on a Spaceship, and they promise to celebrate their 10th birthday in an exciting way.

Terror Mountain have confirmed that a fifth attraction will be coming to its line up for this year.

Nightmare Nights on the Isle of Man have announced a new theme and new location for this years event, The House of Hell!

Scream Camp have announced Scream Camp Unleashed: The Ritual, an extreme attraction running over selected nights.

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