You Asked, We Answer!

We have been growing in size over the past year and despite the fact we’ve been reviewing and bringing you news, yet we haven’t really introduced ourselves. With this in mind, we’ve decided to let you get to know us by asking you lot to ask us questions that you’d like us to answer. This is what you asked!


Which foreign theme park do you want to visit the most and why?

Dan – Maybe Efteling because I love amazingly themed Immersive attractions that and Phantasialand

What is your scare attraction guilty pleasure?

Dan – Maybe Psychomanteum because it let’s me have that border place between Normal scares and Extreme attractions that I love so much

if you were to build a Scream Park and open it up to the public, what 3 types of attractions would you have and how would you make it different to all the rest?

Dan – Ok my Park would be based on a increased intensity, Taking respect from Project;FEAR the first maze would be a standard Hospital Maze, The second would be something verging on the towers extreme runs, So not Psychomanteum or FV but still deliciously hands on, The finale is the ultimate test, Id have a 4 way collab show of FV-Quietus and my own personal creative ideas. It difference would lie in it would be done on a betting system to test yourself, you can pay for level1,2,3, how far can you take yourself but the catch is there is no refunds MWHAHAHAA

The ScareTrack team, Snog Marry and avoid. 1 avoid, 2 snogs and 2 marry

Dan – Ok Ill marry Hannah and Mikey because who wouldn’t want to be in that relationship ,Think of all the things you would end up sniffing!-Kate i will snog, Because shes already Married to Bloodhusk husk and I refuse to be a bigamist to myself. Ill Snog Sean also as I do like a shorter guy and i do like the beard. And the only reason Im avoiding Martin is because fate says I have to and I dont want to upset the universe XD


Have you ever been actually so scared that you can’t go in or continue in a Scare Attraction?

Dan – are you serious XD ….Ive never even safeworded. But i am planning on doing Cracked so , so far No… but there might be exceptions in the future but im determined to battle through

Are you involved with any other theme park communities or groups?

Dan – Ive been a member of TowersTimes since 2003 , Yet never been to a meet, I wouldnt say massivley involved but I do post a bit on LGBTQIA Coaster and Amusement Park Enthusiasts. Not sure if it counts but I play Planet Coaster alot so you sometimes find me on the forums there

What is the most dangerous situation you have been involved in with a customer in a Scare Attraction?

Dan – Ok there is 3 on par.When I was in TheVillage a chavy reprobate got angry when I asked him if his GF was his sacrifice for the harvest. He kicked off and tried to attack me with a fire extinguisher. I also had a drunk guy start on me in Stilton, I told him Id give him the “VIP Stilton Experience” which involved pushing him through a curtain into fire-door, which he fell through. Back in The Village I scared a small group, the guy in the group seperated , snuck up behind me, Screamed in my ear, I turned and we hit heads, He saw me hit the floor , the last thing I remember was seeing him smile down,Kick my leg and say Not so scary anymore are you .


What roller coaster do you think is over rated?

Amber – Oohh that’s tough could be controversial to. But Shambala. Don’t get me wrong it’s really good and I like it but it’s not my number 1 and so over hyped by the community!

Do you think VR will come to the scare industry on a huge level like it has with theme parks?

Amber – I don’t believe it will do. I mean it will appear within the scare industry, But I don’t think it will take off like it has with theme parks. It’s more thrilling being in a real situation, used well it can be good though.

What type of coasters do you think Alton Towers, Chessington and Thorpe Park will get as their next coasters?

Amber – Oh that’s really hard, I’ve no real idea with the parks. Alton you would like say and Mack launch as can be family friendly and for the thrill side. Chessie something like Paultions have a family suspensed Vekoma. Thorpe I would think hyper coaster or a launch Mack or a woodie.


If you could only scare ever again in one scare attraction, which one?

Amber – Man that’s real hard 😂 has to be biometrix at broadwitch Hauntfest

Hooded Haunts, a blight on the industry or something that peaks your interest?

Amber – If done correctly they really Interest me like Hoodoo Voodoo or VIXI at tulleys. So I do like them as long as you have a good reason, story and scares etc.

What do you think is one of the most over used elements in a Scare Attraction?

Amber – Ooohh theirs a few, drop panels is one I see so much and chainsaws. Both scare me but are well over used, theirs other scares available and can be done.

What is your favourite element to see in a Scare Attraction?

Amber – Oohh again so tough, I generally love it when something comes completely out the blue and you don’t expect it. Can either be an actor, element or effect I really love that and always get a good scare. Or when an actor follows you/says your name or speaks in an alternate language. Theirs 3 but I can’t chose lol 😂


What was the inspiration behind the name Parks, Scares and Glitter?

Dom – It started of as a blog for me and I named it because I like theme parks, scare attractions and glittery things

What is the worst scare you have ever seen in a Scare Attraction?

Dom – Basically the whole entirety of Vulcan Peak. It was shit!

What was the first ever scare attraction you visited?

Dom – Saw:Alive a good 7/8 years ago and I hated every single moment of it. I screamed and almost cried. I shook so much and it was hell. And now it’s become one of my guilty pleasures.

If you could get rid of three scare attractions, which three would you choose and why?

Dom – Sub Species because it’s run it’s course, Vulcan Peak because of how terrible it is and chop Shop at Tulleys as chainsaws are not scary any more!


What is the most scandalous thing to happen to you in a Scare Attraction?

Dom – I think this is during a Face it alone at Thorpe Park in Cabin in the Woods. It started of being hooded and spanked, and then dog walked through, put behind the plastic monster reveal and told to do a sexy dance while amber was shoved against the other side and then being taped up and groped before having to beg to be let go. That was an interesting run

What was your first roller coaster?

Dom – Rattlesnake at Chessington

If you could only ride one ride for the rest of your life which ride would it be and why?

Dom – Don’t make me pick, but Stealth purely because it doesn’t cause my motion sickness to happen and it’s always made me happy and makes me laugh

Bonus question for all 3 of us:

3 scare attractions, One you have to have sex in, One you have to eat in and one you have to get married in

Dan – Married in TheWelcoming because chances are id get a Pagan handfasting, Eat in The Sanctuary becuase no matter whats served you will leave with a smile and In the depths of the croupiers chambers so lets just say HVRTING is where I’d have sex.

Amber – I would get married in Manormortis, Eat in spooky castle. Have sex in terror of the towers

Dom – Have sex in Psychomanteum because why not, eat in the Welcoming for that alfresco feeling and get married in Platform 15 as the couple lives forever

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