Halloween 2019 – What We Know So Far!

With scare season only a few months away, scream parks and scare attractions have slowly started to announce their line ups for this year. With this in mind, we’ve decided to write a little blog post about what we already know about this years scare season. Please bear in mind that this may not be everything that’s been announced, it’s just everything we’ve seen!

Scare Kingdom Scream Park were one of the first places to announce their line up for this year. Boasting 7 attractions including the UK’s sickest attraction Psychomanteum, this scream park will see many new attractions including The Paradise Foundation. The attractions on offer are: The Parlour, The Paradise Foundation, Manormortis – Borley Rectory, Blitz, Body Snatchers – Sweeney Todd, The Hoodening and Psychomanteum – Trick or Treat.  More details of the scream park can be found at Scare Kingdom’s website.


Image Credit Scare Kingdom Website

Spooky World UK have announced that they will be introducing a sixth attraction and doubling the size of one visitor’s favorites. The names of the attractions at this years Spooky World are: Evil Carnevil, The Haunting, Haunted Hayride, Slaughter House, Tunnel of Terror and Field of Screams. More information and tickets can be found at Spooky World UK’s website.

Image Credit to ScareTour

Alton Towers have also revealed their line up for Scarefest. This year sees the return of Terror of the Towers with a new overlay theme, The Attic. The Welcoming will not be returning for this year. This year will also see the beloved House of Monsters not return. Instead there is a new aquatic based attraction, Darkest Depths.

Image Credit to TowersTimes and ScareTour

Newcastle based Psycho-Path will be back bigger and better than ever. With attractions called Anarchy Arcade, I-Scream, Psycho City and more, this relatively new event has been growing and we can’t wait to experience it for the first time this year. Tickets are available from Psycho Path’s website

Image Credit Psycho Path Facebook page

Broadwitch Hauntfest have updated their website to now announce their attractions for their event this year. The Edge, Spooky Castle, Thireteen Freaks, MassAcre and Biometrix. More information can be found at Broadwitch Hauntfest’s website.

Image Credit to ScareTour

PrimEvilin Norfolk have announced their attractions for this year. with 5 attractions, 2 of which have been relocated. The two relocated attractions are Arachnophobia and Circus of Terror – Freaked Out! The other three attractions are Forest of Fear – Fresh Meat, The Crypt – Repent Your Sins and Mayhem Manor Hotel – Sleep Tight. There are also street performers, food and bars. Tickets are available from PrimEvil’s Website!

Image credits to ScareTour

Tid bits

Tulleys Shocktoberfest will be adding a 10th attraction.


Image credit Tulleys website

AtmosFEAR have announced they are working on two attractions for Pleasurewood Hills’ Scare event Pleasurewood Chills.


Image credit Atmosfear Facebook page

Fantasy Island’s Fear Island have announced two of their attractions this year, DisturbIAM and Torchure.

Image Credit Fantasy Island Facebook page

Tickets for Phobia in Newcastle are now on sale.


Image credit Phobia Newcastle Facebook page

Like we said at the beginning, this isn’t everything but its everything we’ve noticed so far. We are always looking out for announcements on all things scary. We will try to make this sort of blog post a regular thing as and when we notice things.


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