First Time At Blackpool Pleasure Beach

At the end of the month Dom turns 31 (old man) and he’s visiting Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the first time ever, so we asked him what he’s most excited for when he visits.


Out of all the rides and attractions Blackpool Pleasure Beach has to offer, this is the one I’m most excited to experience. It’s been a wish to get to experience this dark water ride for many years, but I’ve never wanted to brave the 6 hour train journey before, but now I am and this is on the list of must do rides. Everyone raves about how good it is, despite it being a ride you get absolutely drenched on. The POVs I’ve seen of it make it look fantastic but I don’t feel any will have done it true justice.



Of course, Icon is on this list. All the geeks seem to love Icon (or Wicker Man depending on which side you fall) so I have to experience it. Plus it will be my first double launch coaster ever. I’m not entirely sure what to expect as I haven’t really researched much about ride experience or anything in general, even when it opened last year, so it will be a complete surprise in every way and I’m glad I have done it this way.


Yes, Infusion is on my list, don’t @ me. There is a reason. Everyone says SLC’s are rough as fuck and that they are just the worst, so I want to know if it’s true. I am fully expecting headaches, vibrations, injury, loosing my manhood, being knocked out, turning into a boneless mess, so I know what is likely to happen, I just want to have that experience for myself for the first time. There’s a theme going in this unless you haven’t noticed. I seem to be a crap theme park person having not been on many types of coasters.


Again, this is because it will be the first of its kind for me. A bobsled coaster! I mean, its pretty unique. It may not be the most thrilling coaster at the park, but its definitely one that has to be experienced when you visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It looks like it could be both petrifying and fun in a weird mix of death and thrilling. Plus I think it looks pretty cool, so i’m excited to try it!

Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-o-matic

Purely for sentimental reason, I am secretly wetting myself with excitement for this. Having been a fan of all the animations, I genuinely am buzzing to see how Blackpool have done this. Plus I remain spoiler free as I haven’t youtubed it. I know there were mixed reactions to it when it opened, so i’m keen to see how it actually.


I am basically really excited for my first ever trip to Blackpool. I’m only spending a day at the park, so my rides will be limited, but these are the 5 i’m most excited about. So if you see me around on Saturday 30th, say hi

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