Its Nearly Time For Chessington!

With Chessington annual pass day and opening day next week, we thought we would have a think about why we are excited to get back to Chessington.

Room On The Broom


Well this is pretty obvious really isn’t it. This new addition to the park for 2019 is something we are really quite excited about. Given how awesome The Gruffalo is in terms of the way it looks, its got us rather excited. I won’t lie though, I am still a bit sad that the legendary Hocus Pocus Hall has been retired purely because it brought me so much joy (The book of Viagra was always an enthusiast highlight) but I fully understand that the park has to move on and I think choosing this classic picture story from Julia Donaldson is the best choice and going by the social media updates from Chessington, it looks spectacular.



Without doubt, the best coaster at the park is Vampire, so it’s always great to be able to get back on it for a fun and thrilling ride. This Arrow Dynamics built coaster has been thrilling guests since 1990 (Albeit with some changes from the original version) and continues to be one of the highlights of the parks coaster line up. Its spooky theming is always a joy to behold too and i absolutely adore the spookiness of it. And who doesn’t love the organ player in the station!!

Lorikeet Lagoon


OMG! These birds are just amazing! They are super cute, super adorable and just super! They are bonkers, loud and just so Instagramable. It probably won’t be open next weekend knowing my luck, but when ever I visit the park, I can’t help but spare 10 minutes to go and visit these birds. They are tucked away in a corner behind Temple of Mayhem. You can even feed them sometimes, which makes for both hilarity and adorableness.

Land Of The Tiger


Whats better than stunningly beautiful creatures in probably one of the most beautiful areas in the park. Land of the Tigers was new for 2018 and brought a retheme of the tired looking Mystic East along with a bit of a retheme to Dragon Falls, transforming it to Tiger Rock. Not only is Tiger Rock amazingly themed, its also a surviving log flume in the UK in a Merlin Park, which is now really exciting.

With those and many many more things that make Chessington exciting, I can’t wait for next weekend to come around. If you see Dom there, go say Hello to him and grab a cheeky selfie before you sashay away and enjoy the rest of your day!

What are you looking forward to this season a Chessington World of Adventures? Share your thoughts on our Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram!

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